Largest data breach, including 8.4 billion passwords, online

iOS15 And many other software improvements have recently been announced. And it’s no surprise that millions of Apple fans have begun to admire the new system. But here we tell you that there isn’t much reason to enjoy it.So BGR According to the report, these privacy features will be very important when the new system is rolled out in iOS 15. In addition, none of the current systems can guarantee data leakage prevention.

Information comes from Cyber ​​news It shows that a 100GB text file containing 8.4 billion passwords is now available on the popular hacker forums. The title of this file is “Rock You 2020” and it seems to be a combination of passwords stolen by previous data breaches and breaches.

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By the way, remember that there was a huge data leak called RockYou in 2009. At the time, “threat actors broke into the servers of social app websites and obtained over 32 million user passwords stored in plain text.”

Earlier this year, I saw discussions on various related forums and websites about the so-called “compilation of numerous violations” or COMBs. It was named this way because the scale cannot be compared to all previous leaks. For example, the largest data breach included 3.2 billion email and password combinations. This information was generated based on existing data stolen from companies such as: Netflix And LinkedIn..

Is your password for this data breach?

The new file now contains over 8.4 billion passwords, more than double the previous collection. The population of the earth is over 7 billion. This simply means that the leaked data file contains at least one password. This means that at least one account is most likely on the list. You can use CyberNews tools to see if your account is there.

“By combining 8.4 billion unique password variations with other compromise compilations, including usernames and email addresses, attackers can use the RockYou2021 collection to password dictionary and password spray against a myriad of online accounts. You can launch an attack, “says CyberNews. “Most people reuse passwords in multiple apps and websites, so the number of accounts affected by Credential Stuffing and password spray attacks as a result of this leak is in the billions, if not billions. It can reach millions. “

Recently, there have been many cases of selling data stolen by hackers in intimate forums.that is New arrival How to make money. But this is also alarming, as cybercrime is gaining momentum and there is no way to counter hackers. And who is suffering the most? Of course, we – general users. Largest data breach, including 8.4 billion passwords, online

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