Lamborghini Cyan FKP 37 becomes a life-sized Lego supercar



Gentlemen and ladies, it’s another time of enormous growth Lego Creation.This time life size Lamborghini Cyan FKP 37, And the builder did a great job of mimicking the edgy looks of a car, using simple toy blocks that many would enjoy and assemble. Lamborghini and Lego unveiled their work on Tuesday, and the huge brick-laden Lamborghini is made up of 154 Lego elements. Twenty of them are dedicated molds for this particular project. When making Lamborghini, you often need that special sauce.

The final result, which reflects the actual car in the photo when parked side by side, does a really great job. In some cases, these projects may not work very well if the Lego blocks do not capture enough of the vehicle’s line. I think these special molds made a big difference here. A team of 15 people spent 8,660 hours on this project to assemble the vehicle. This group created all the lighting elements found in parts of Lego Technic. Cyan’s name means “flash” or “lightning bolt”, so it makes sense for the supercar line to shine and the lightning bolt shape to appear.

The two companies said it was also the first large Lego piece to feature a paintbrush-effect UV color coating. Lego technique 1: 8 scale car You can actually buy and assemble it. This is what Lamborghini actually painted at the car manufacturer’s paint shop. Very cool.

Lego does not sell kits for assembling this exact machine, but you can buy a Lego Technic model. Probably much easier to manage than the tens of thousands of parts that this piece makes up. Lamborghini Cyan FKP 37 becomes a life-sized Lego supercar

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