KYZEN Celebrates Leaping Water Suite 16th Anniversary at APEX 2023

KYZEN, the global leader in innovative eco-friendly cleaning products, celebrates its world-famous Suite 16. leaping water Exhibiting at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO, January 24-26, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center, California.

This display symbolizes the beauty of the fusion of science and care, where the continuous motion of flowing water literally bounces back and forth in a mesmerizing rhythm that continues to capture the amazement of onlookers. It also stands for continuous improvement, like the name KYZEN (formed on his KAIZEN in Japanese).

Kaizen debut leaping water First time at the 2007 IPC APEX EXPO in Los Angeles. The stunning presentation quickly became popular and a memorable part of every major trade fair. Evaluation of KYZEN attendees leaping water It has traveled across oceans and around the world and has been featured in Germany, Sweden, China, Australia, Asia and Mexico. For the past 16 years, its brilliance has not diminished. It’s captivating and holds the interest of everyone who sees it, especially engineers who smile and marvel at the visual display and the physics that make it work so beautifully.

leaping water It also symbolizes KYZEN’s commitment to solving complex cleaning problems through the fusion of science and uncompromising care. This purposeful approach fosters the innovation that characterizes the KYZEN brand.

For over 32 years, KYZEN has focused on reviewing complete processes and working with customers to improve them. Their aim is to ultimately improve yields, improve reliability, and realize cost savings along the way. KYZEN’s innovative cleaning technology, scientific expertise and customer support are unrivaled in the industry and have repeatedly won the industry’s most prestigious awards.

To find out why, visit KYZEN at booth #1545 during the IPC APEX EXPO. If you’re having trouble finding them, look for the Incredible Leaping Water.

For all the latest news about KYZEN at the IPC APEX EXPO and more, visit here. https://www.kyzen.com/about-kyzen/events/.

https://www.wnie.online/kyzen-celebrates-its-leaping-waters-sweet-sixteen-at-apex-2023/ KYZEN Celebrates Leaping Water Suite 16th Anniversary at APEX 2023

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