Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC Earphone

Need a new pair of true wireless earphones? It used to be a relatively easy decision because there are no choices. not anymore.

Excluding cheap and under-reviewed ones, Apple, Beats, Bose, Sony, Soundcore (Check out this review) And Jabra with popular features such as active noise canceling. Get ready to pay a fair penny.

The latest from Klipsch is no exception. Active noise cancellation isn’t the only notable feature of these new wireless earphones. These features include artificial intelligence for hands-free gesture control operations. Great feature, but not cheap.

Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC Earphones-Specifications

These wireless earphones may be new, but Klipsch certainly isn’t. This year, audio technology companies celebrated their 75th anniversary with the release of many new products, including some very nice. Soundbar system I also recently had the opportunity to review..

Shortly thereafter, Klipsch released the T5 True Wireless ANC earphones. It builds on previous models and is the first to incorporate artificial intelligence. The main specifications are as follows.

  • Active noise canceling (ANC) and transparent mode
  • Built-in Bragi operating system with built-in AI (used for gesture control)
  • Dirac HD Sound
  • Up to 7 hours battery life, or 5 hours if ANC is enabled
  • Charge using the included USB-C cable or Qi compatible wireless charging pad
  • 6 eartip sizes for a customized fit
  • You can choose from copper, gunmetal, and silver
  • Retail price $ 299..

First impression

The first thing you’ll notice about these earphones is the painful retail price of $ 299, which is the most difficult detail to avoid. By the way, this is $ 50 more than Apple’s flagship AirPods Pro.

Wrap your head around it and break them, which is immediately impressive from a design standpoint. They have a fairly unique shape compared to other wireless earphones, and their shiny metal charging case is like a callback to a retro-style Zippo lighter. You will always know that it is in your pocket as it also makes it a bit heavier.

The T5 II ANC also comes with six different sized eartips. This is an important factor for wireless earphones that provide noise cancellation. If the seal is bad, it may not include that feature in the first place.

I downloaded while charging them Klipsch Connect app For my iPhone (also available For android) And I followed the prompts to pair my earphones. Next, the app describes setting up other features such as ANC and the gesture-based AI mentioned above called Bragi Sidekicks. We’ll talk more about that soon.

Big test

At the tip of the right ear, these fit the ear very well. But before launching Apple Music, I wanted to adjust some default settings …

Open the app. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are for the equalizer. You can fine-tune or choose from one of the presets. I chose rock.

I canceled the menu and tapped ANC. There, you can turn active noise cancellation on, off, or set it to transparent mode so that you can hear the surrounding sounds. There is also a setting that automatically activates ANC when listening to music and a setting that activates transparent mode during a call, so you can hear your voice more naturally.

There is also a Dirac HD sound setting. It describes Klipsch as “digitally optimizing sound performance for a clearer, richer, more balanced sound.”

One of the first songs I want to play when trying out new earphones and headphones is Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” in the first 007 movie “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig. A powerful song with a full orchestra, from vocals to guitar and bass.

Immediately, these earphones are very impressive. The sound was rich with clear vocals from the instrument and a well-balanced sound.

While listening, I switched some EQ settings and moved from Rock to Bass. I don’t think companies can make boom subwoofers that fit your ears (probably shouldn’t), but instead of simulating heavier bass, the song sounds quickly muffled. became.

I also turned off Dirac HD Sound and immediately regretted the decision. From a digital enhancement standpoint, day and night, that option quickly became an outstanding feature of this particular model.

ANC and all other AI related

When it comes to active noise canceling, I understand it correctly.That’s fine, but not good for my AirPods Pro or even better Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Earphones. Inside, outside, doors closing, dog barking, that wasn’t a problem. I heard more sound from my Klipsch earphones than any other earphone. To make sure it wasn’t a factor, I tried several different eartip sizes.

For the phone, the sound is great. Thanks to the two microphone systems, I can clearly hear who I’m talking to and vice versa. Transparent mode worked well during a call.

When it comes to controls, each earphone has one button. For example, tap the earphone button on the right to play or pause music, or tap the button on the left to enable or disable ANC. You can customize these with the action of pressing the button twice and three times. But let’s get back to Brazi’s artificial intelligence …

AI systems are meant to allow you to control functions through gestures. For example, you can answer an incoming call by nodding your head three times. Shake your head three times to reject the call or skip the track if you are listening to music.

It works, but I don’t know if it looks cool by nodding or shaking my head in public. Each is unique, but the app can also adjust these gestures to improve awareness. Over time, additional gesture controls will be added.

Verdict: Are Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC Earphones Worth It?

In summary, these are great true wireless headphones with some of the impressive features I mentioned and some that I didn’t mention, like the fast charging case. In particular, some things bothered me about the Klipsch Connect app, which always needs to reestablish the connection to the earphones when testing the settings.

My favorite feature:

  • Earphone design / fit
  • Metal charging case
  • Sound quality — especially if the Dirac HD sound feature is enabled

Not so good:

  • ANC works, but it’s ok.
  • May extend battery life
  • AI gesture-based controls are unique, but not a big selling point

Should I seize the opportunity to buy? Best of all, these earphones lack a reasonable price.

Even with the best features I mentioned above, $ 299 is an unjustified price. If you knock them down to $ 250, you’ll at least consider them. Still, every time you choose an AirPods Pro or a more affordable alternative with similar features.

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