Killer Whale Sightings: Rare White Killer Whale Calf Spotted Off Southern California

Newport, California (KSWB) — A rare white killer whale calf was caught on video Monday swimming among a pod of killer whales off the coast of Southern California.

Footage of the pod of killer whales was captured by Newport Coastal Adventures, who were informed of the pod’s location around 10:30 a.m. by a whale watching company in Long Beach.

The killer whales were originally spotted 45 miles from Newport Harbor, but according to Captain Delaney Trowbridge, the Newport Coastal Adventure crew made every last-minute available to get a chance to see the killer whales. decided to launch a boat.

A group of 20 passengers were able to spot seven pods in the water, including a three-year-old calf aptly named Frosty because of its white appearance, Trowbridge said.

According to Newport Coastal Adventure, Frosty has a unique genetic condition that gives their calves a lighter pigmentation than regular killer whales. Orca calves are usually black and white, the same coloration as adults, but lighter colored areas may appear from creamy white to pale yellow or tan during the whale’s first year of life. sea ​​world.

Trowbridge said whale watchers were able to watch the whales for more than two hours as the pod migrated along the shoreline until sunset, and even passed under boats several times.

The crew left the pod as it continued to travel north in search of food.

Killer whale sightings are extremely rare in Southern California, according to Newport Coastal Adventure. This particular herd was last spotted in Morro Bay in October and has been sighted as far north as British Columbia.

Killer Whale Sightings Whales aren’t the only rare whales spotted by Newport Coastal Adventures this year. Last month, a tailless gray whale was seen running wild off the coast of Southern California.

https://www.wkrg.com/news/watch-rare-white-killer-whale-calf-spotted-off-california-coast/ Killer Whale Sightings: Rare White Killer Whale Calf Spotted Off Southern California

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