Kaseya Reveals Top 4 Classes of Vulnerabilities

A recent audit by Kaseya, a supplier of IT management software to managed service providers, found that the top four classes of vulnerabilities present in organizational systems were Microsoft 365 compromised, open ports, and patched. It turned out to be a missing system, and incorrect permissions.

Compromises in Microsoft 365 include misconfigurations, malicious logins, and mailbox forwarding to external domains. Open ports can leave your database and network open to the web, unpatched systems are a clear target for attack, and improper privileges can allow an attacher to Easy to move between systems.

addressed to computingAt Deskflix Cloud Automation’s recent event, Keanan Ball, senior director product marketing at Kaseya, said the problem has a lot to do with the complexity of modern IT setups that mix legacy and new, cloud and on-premises, and remote. I said yes. and office work. Compounding the problem is that many IT departments suffer from burnout, maintaining legacy technologies and constantly having to learn new skills and new tools.

MSPs can help their customers by taking a platform approach, integrating all systems both on-premises and in the cloud, automating all legacy tasks, and building security at each stage, Ball said. increase.

“We need a unified platform of IT management and security solutions purpose-built to solve the challenges of multi-function internal and external service providers,” he said.

This also requires true sharing of data across platforms, automation of manual tasks, and leveraging existing management tools in one solution through a single pane of glass, said Ball. .

https://www.computing.co.uk/news/4058166/kaseya-reveals-classes-vulnerabilities Kaseya Reveals Top 4 Classes of Vulnerabilities

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