Just spent a week with a robot cat and my life will never be the same

Does it look docile to you?

Chris Macyschczyk/ZDNET

The timing was perfect.

technically incorrect

My wife and I were debating whether or not to adopt a cat.

There was no full agreement. Or really.

Out of the blue I received an e-mail with a very promising subject line. AI,why? ”

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Why? Soon everything will be robotized to some degree. even ourselves. See what it’s like to live with a being that, according to the makers, is “a lively pet designed to ease the loneliness of the elderly and provide companionship for couples, children and families.” Would you like to

Elephant Robotics is meta cat It has a “realistic ragdoll look”. It bothered me that the words “realistic” and “ragdoll” were so close together. I had never seen a particularly realistic doll, but I knew that this ragdoll was a breed of cat. that is, A Wikipedia expert told meis a breed “best known for its docile, gentle temperament and affectionate disposition”.

Well, please tell me. Look at this cat It has piercing blue eyes that make a priest freeze.even those in exorcistEvery time it looked at me, it felt as if it had offended an authoritarian government. Or a lover with no sense of humor. I was afraid of what this cat would do next. do you jump on me Head butt? Attack me with hidden AI-powered laser guns?

This meta cat is never happy. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s face.

Of course, there are also positive moments. When petted, it gurgles, meows, and has weird head movements. I also wag my tail a little. It will also flow. The creators are keen to point out the amazing benefits – a cat litter box, a cat shower, and no cat digging its claws into your thighs to get your attention.

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They claim metaCat enjoys food-grade silica gel and synthetic fur. Does food grade synthetic fur really exist? I don’t know if it’s safe to touch. I was afraid to touch this because my blue eyes were hiding my dark heart.

taken by my wife meta cat For Microsoft Teams meetings. Because that’s what people do to cats, right? Unfortunately, one of her conference attendees used the word “diabolical.”

I decided to endure. I decided to reconnect. I thought maybe it would recognize me when I entered the room. It wasn’t. Perhaps I will flip it over and rub the belly. I tried. Nothing happened except a slight sense of absurdity on my part. In short, this felt like a prototype waiting for a more polished and usable version to come along.

but, have to spend $240 With metaCat you can give your child endless fun. Or seconds.

Perhaps it’s worth it for you.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/i-just-spent-a-week-with-a-robot-cat-and-my-life-will-never-be-the-same/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Just spent a week with a robot cat and my life will never be the same

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