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This year was a tough year for cybersecurity. From the first panic about working from home, safety and confidentiality, to a series of recent ransomware attacks, and ironically, there is a fear of returning to the office. Security teams are allowed not knowing if they will come or go.

As we said, this year was a tough year, but not an insurmountable one. Vendors and service partners quickly pivoted to support remote working, and thanks to the security team, many companies experienced an untouched pandemic, at least from an IT perspective. Now it’s time to celebrate those stories.

Computing‘NS Security Excellence Award Celebrating the achievements of the security industry last year, we recognize and reward companies, people, products and projects that keep the rest of us safe.

Enter now

This year, in addition to categories such as the Enterprise Threat Detection Award, Cloud Security Award, and CISO / CSO of the Year, we will introduce new categories, Security Project of the Year and Best Use of AI / Automation in Security. At this point, I was hoping that the pandemic would be a distant memory, but the impact is still felt, so I will also revive the Pandemic Resilience Special Award, which started in 2020.

By Friday, September 17th Get entrySo don’t be late. Winners will be announced at the online ceremony on December 1st.

All valid entries must be in the UK and must not consist of marketing copies. Anything that does that will be rejected.

Security Excellence Award Category 2021

  • DevSecOps Award
  • Backup, recovery, DLP awards
  • IoT and Edge Computing Security Awards
  • Email Security Award
  • Enterprise Threat Detection Award
  • IAM Award
  • Managed Security Award
  • Network security award
  • Remote Security Award
  • Risk Management Award
  • AI / Automation Security Product Award
  • Cloud security award
  • Enterprise Security Solution Award
  • SME Security Solution Award
  • This year’s security training program
  • Security Team of the Year
  • Security Featured Stocks
  • This year’s security woman
  • CISO / CSO of the Year
  • Security Vendor of the Year-SME
  • Security Vendors of the Year-Large Organizations
  • Special Award: Pandemic Resilience
  • This year’s security innovation
  • * NEW * This year’s security project
  • * New features * Optimal use of AI / automation in security Join the Security Excellence Awards now and share your security success

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