JetBlue Technology Ventures Invests in Climate Solutions Fund

JetBlue Technology VenturesThe airline’s corporate venture division is investing in TPG rising climateTPG Rise Climate Investment Fund.

JTV will become a limited liability company through an investment in a multi-billion dollar fund for large-scale climate solutions.

According to the statement, the fund will work with companies, entrepreneurs and scientists who are pioneering innovative climate solutions across five major climate subsectors, one of which is decarbonized transport. I am aiming for. “

As part of its investment, JTV also participates in the TPG Rise Climate Coalition, which advocates knowledge sharing and emphasizes investment opportunities.

JetBlue and JTV recently joined Aviation Climate Taskforce, a non-profit organization founded last year by 10 airlines and the Boston Consulting Group to decarbonize aviation.

JTV is Universal Hydrogen and Joby Aviation..

https://www.phocuswire.com/JetBlue-Technology-Ventures-invests-in-climate-solutions-fund JetBlue Technology Ventures Invests in Climate Solutions Fund

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