JavaScript, Java, and Python skills in highest demand

Skills in JavaScript, Java and Python are most in demand by recruiters, according to a report released this week by tech recruiting platforms CodinGame and CoderPad. But while supply of these skills is outstripping demand, demand for TypeScript, Swift, Scala, Kotlin, and Go skills are all outstripping supply.

The State of Tech Adoption in 2023is a CodinGame-CoderPad report published Jan. 10, based on a survey of 14,000 professionals, and what 2023 will be like for tech recruiters and job seekers. It provides insight into what Demand for JavaScript, Java, and Python skills is similar to last year, the report notes.

Among development frameworks, Node.js, React, and .NET Core proved to be the best known and most in demand. Result of investigation, angle Demand is outstripping supply and its popularity among developers is declining.Angular’s declining popularity among developers is due to the just-released State of JavaScript 2022 Report likewise.

It is also featured in the State of Tech Hiring 2023 report.

  • Despite the volatility of the tech sector, developers are confident in their work. A third of those surveyed reported feeling more secure than they did last year, and 41% reported no significant change.
  • The top three technical skills developers want to learn are web development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and game development.
  • The top three skills sought by recruiters are web development, DevOps, and database software development.
  • Unplanned schedule changes, unclear direction, and lack of technical knowledge of team members are some of the major challenges developers face at work.
  • 59% of developers do not have a college degree in computer science. Nearly a third consider themselves largely self-taught.
  • Most teams are now a hybrid of remote and onsite work. 100% of the time, only 15% onsite.
  • Freelance developer work is becoming more and more popular.

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