Jamf adds network and endpoint security tools for enterprise Macs

Jamf has announced a series of important updates to Jamf Protect. It introduces a unique set of technologies designed to make enterprise devices more secure while identifying and responding to threats from incoming endpoints. The company has also introduced Jamf Trust, which aims to make this type of security easier to use. (The latter is also available on Android and Windows.)

What’s new in Jamf Protect?

Mac security big news, Jamf protectProvides comprehensive endpoint and network security solutions and complements existing protection with the following new tools:

  • Network threat prevention. This combines threat prevention and remediation with network-based attack indicators.
  • Comprehensive endpoint and network threat monitoring and logging. Logging such events makes it easier for the InfoSec team to detect or fix threats and investigate incidents when they occur.
  • A control that allows sensitive data to be written only from a Mac to an encrypted USB drive. This should help manage data breaches.

Jamf Protect is a powerful tool that provides a unique solution for Mac endpoint protection.It is supported by the company itself In-house team of security researchers.. When used alone, it can prevent and quarantine malware. When used with JamfPro for MDM, you can do more, such as lock down and erase your secure Mac.

Why are these moves by Jamf so important?

apple Enterprise market teeth Now much bigger Its products are used by most of the world’s largest companies, and as they grow in small businesses, they are more than they were decades ago. IDC recently reported Mac The fastest growing computer in the world among companiesIPhone and iPad also have a lot of use.

Especially during a pandemic, this is for businesses Protects many of these Apple endpointsComplements the platform’s industry-leading security with additional protection. Zero trustFor a location-specific, user-related single sign-on approach Has evolved rapidly in the last two years..

These latest new features add an automated situational awareness component to your mix. This is a promising technology for fleet security.

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