It’s a tight fit! With Molex Pico-EZmate connector

Check out the EZmate connector if you are working on a new design that has limited space, or if you need to lower the wire-to-PCB board connection height. Molex..

The 1mm pitch connector, one of the smallest in Molex’s broad portfolio, is 1.55mm and 1.65mm tall compared to other traditional connector systems such as the Picoblade and JST’s ZH series. Achieves an amazing low.

This technology is similar to SD card type connectors, where the slim fit connector is inserted in place with a satisfactory click-latch system. However, in this system, the connectors fit from above.

Wire gauges range from 28 to 30 AWG and can supply 2.8 A. Applying this to the situation, the USB charger you are using for your cell phone is probably somewhere in the 1-2A range.

An even more well-thought-out feature is the latch system, which is designed to withstand the drop and vibration of the device.
With this in mind, you can imagine the vast range of devices this is suitable for.


From an assembly point of view, Molex has access to hand tools for prototyping, which makes it easy to deploy and does not require the large investment required for application tooling. However, this is what the cable assembly partner has already invested in when using a subcontractor.

Overall, this is a well-thought-out and clever interconnect system, with some great features that make it easy to adopt and use the right power supply for both power and signal applications. I will.

If you want to save space on your device, especially if you want to reduce the height of your device, we recommend that you take a closer look.

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