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Ride on the back of the dragon! Kill the plant with an ax! Make friends with the blue cat!

There is no shortage of fun Itorah, A 2.5D platformer action-adventure game based on ancient Central American culture. But is there enough here to mark it against other 2.5 / 2D titles?

Itorah It seems to be influenced by many games. Many of the early enemies in the game look and behave like Hollow Knight enemies, especially flying enemies.

Itorah There is also a vibrant color palette of ori and similar lighting. However, the developers have done a great job of combining various elements of other games to allow Itorah to become a unique creature.

Tell me a carefree story

The tale of Itorah Nothing new. A great plague has taken over all the major spirits or demigods of the world and needs to defeat the plague to save the world.

The simplicity of the story is not one of the controversial bones of this title. In fact, overly complex stories will hinder games like this. So for those who want a lighter story, Metroidvania.

All the characters have a good feeling and are cute, And everything is as colorful as the world they live in. And all dialogue is often humorous and playful.

What is another Central American setting?

world of Itorah Feel familiar with the measured threat level. There is little damage to the environment, and all characters, including some enemies, feel warm, fuzzy and friendly with bright colors and smiles.

Early in the game, some enemies barely attack the player. They simply fly around or jump on hilarious roads. So killing such passive and beautifully drawn creatures makes everyone feel sick.

Typically, Itorah It’s solid. Every aspect, from story to character to aesthetics, is a cohesive, well-crafted world.

Hmmm, eye candy!

Visually, this is a totally breathtaking game. The colors are so vibrant that the world pops out of the display right away. The effects of weather are explosive, with rain, wind and lightning all spectacular and highly compelling in its fantastic setting.

The 2.5D aspect of the game is perfectly implemented and very effective.

The center ground where the player lives provides so many details here. From reliable speaking ax face animations to the way candles sway in the gusts caused by jumping over them, this is a lovingly and meticulously crafted world.

The background and foreground often also contain a great deal of detail.Creatures are often seen running around the background, adding to the feeling of living Itorah universe.

The impact of this 2.5D world is that players feel deeply immersed in a compelling magical world.

Tricky platform

Thanks to its intuitive and responsive controls, this is an instant pick-up and play game without a lengthy tutorial.

The movement is easy to grasp and will flow well within a few hours after the game starts. However, it’s a shame that much of the dynamics of movement, such as double jumps and forward dashes, come later in the game.

When it comes to movement, it’s never clear that charging downwards with an ax can be applied to so many different uses. This makes it easier to navigate if much of the game is described more clearly.

In most cases, enemies are creative and all enemies have different attack patterns and ways to defeat them. Many of them will make great merchandise and children’s toys, especially large mallets and tree creatures with orange flowers in their heads.

But it’s a shame to see many enemies being used across many different biomes. Or just change the skin. This is disappointing as many of them are out of focus on how elegant and artistic they are constructed.

Level design is primarily original and organic for each biome, which is also very diverse. However, the challenge can be a chore. Some levels are designed to cause frustration rather than simple challenges.

Bosses are creative, diverse, and have their own attacks and vulnerabilities. Each of them achieves something that many games cannot achieve: a perfect level of challenge. You can beat them all, but it takes time to do so.

The biggest problem Itorah The first few hours of the game are iterative, lacking challenges and new dynamics. This may mean that some players may not have the patience to reach the more powerful elements.

Central American music in our ears

Sheet music is often catchy and always atmospheric, with different tones for different biomes.

Voice acting is not perfect, but all voices are so different and unique that they are properly directed and acted upon. The sound takes the form of individual words in the sentence, but the quality and implementation of this is very high and satisfying.

This solution for communicating dialogue is actually ItorahFull voice acting means you spend more time listening and less time bashing enemies and jumping to giant mushrooms.


At the beginning of Itorah, I was hoping that another game was trying to monetize both Fast-growing Central American trends The atmosphere of Metroidvania. By the end of the game, my feelings were very different.

Itorah A moderately challenging platformer with combat elements. We take some aspects from the Metroidvania sub-genre because of the light element of having to backtrack the level to unlock the next area.

However, comparison with the Metroidvania game Hollow Knight It’s faint and fleeting. Such Metroidvania titles are usually set in a mysterious and rich world with their own folklore. Itorah There is a beautiful, but shallower world, and there are no secrets contained in Hollow Knight.

what Itorah It looks and in most cases the platform works well. But compared to many true Metroidvania games out there, this doesn’t hold a Tiki torch on them.

Strong Points

  • Beautiful visual
  • Simple story
  • Various platforms


  • Recycled enemies
  • Boring first section
  • No reproducibility

Itorah Available on Steam for PC for £ 17.49. Itorah Review-PC Zone

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