Italian troops have been expelled from bases in the Middle East over UAE arms embargo, lawmakers say

Rome-United Arab Emirates has expelled Italian aircraft and personnel from major military bases in retaliation for Rome’s arms ban on UAE in January, Italian politicians defend news Told to.

Matteo Perego Di Cremnago, a member of the Italian Parliament and Parliamentary Defense Commission, said Italy was allowed to leave the UAE’s Minhad Airbase until July 2.

“The withdrawal has already begun, and it is doubtful that it will succeed while Italy is working to ensure last-minute cancellations of peasant evictions,” he told Defense News.

“When relationships collapse in the Gulf, it’s very difficult to restore them,” he added.

Former Italian Air Force chief General Leonardo Tricalico told Defense News that the last Italian aircraft left the base on Thursday, leaving only the material left to collect.

Tricarico, who is now chair of the ICSA think tank in Rome, said the peasant farming was only part of the harsh treatment of Italy by the UAE.

“The UAE has also denied the use of airspace on Italian military aircraft,” he said.

The· Italian The Ministry of Defense did not respond to requests for comment by the press conference.

Alminhad Base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates hosts aircraft from a variety of countries, leaving space to begin flying over Iraq in 2015 and as a stopover on the way to Italy’s base in Afghanistan. It has been very important to Italy since it was secured. If confirmed, peasant evictions can now seriously complicate Italy’s ongoing withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Italy also used Alminhad as an airbase to support multinational operations in the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Eviction of peasants in the United Arab Emirates is related to Italy’s January decision to ban the sale of ammunition and missiles to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia due to concerns about Gulf nations’ military operations in Yemen. ..

According to the United Nations, the two countries are part of a coalition that has fought in conflict with Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi troops, with 80 percent of the population in need of assistance.

Italy’s sanctions were implemented by a coalition government led by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, backed by the Democratic Party in the center left and the dissident five-star party.

At the time, five-star high-ranking government foreign minister Luigi Di Maio called the embargo “a clear message of peace sent by our country” and “respect for human rights is our obligatory commitment. “

In February, the Conté administration was replaced by a national unity government led by former European Central Bank governor Mario Draghi, who maintained Dimaio as foreign minister.

The ban poses an imminent threat to legal action by RWM Italia, an Italian-based German rheinmetall defense force, and dismisses staff if orders for ammunition supplied to the Gulf are blocked. Insisted that it should be done.

The news that Italy is now being asked to leave Arminhad has been criticized by Pelego di Kremnago.

“This is the moment when Italy’s five-star party needs to take responsibility for a huge strategic mistake. This eviction symbolizes the collapse of relations with its allies. Italy has many bases. I was investing and wanted to expand my presence there. “

Tricalico said he understood the UAE’s decision. “The relationship with the UAE began to deteriorate 15 years ago when the Italian company Finmeccanica failed to maintain its promise to sell drones to the UAE due to the complexity of its technical rights, and now we Has reached a weapons ban, “he said.

In January, the next US administration of Biden announced that it would consider a major $ 23.37 billion sale of weapons to the UAE, including the Trump administration’s 50 F-35 jets, drones and munitions.

In April, the new US government announced that it would proceed with the deal.

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