Israeli subsidiary inks first public transaction with UAE for work on A330 aircraft

Jerusalem — A subsidiary of an Israeli company in the United Arab Emirates has signed a $ 53 million contract to supply A330 tanker aircraft with direct infrared protection and aerial electronic warfare systems. This is the first public transaction of the recently established Elbit Systems Emirates Limited.

Elbit Systems, which announced on January 3 that it will work on the UAE Air Force’s Airbus multirole tanker aircraft, said the project would take five years.

“Under the contract, Elbit Systems Emirates will offer a multi-turret configuration of the J-MUSIC self-protection system along with its infrared-based passive aerial warning system, providing a high level of protection and redundancy,” the company said. I am saying. , Uses the brand name of the direct infrared protection system already used in 25 types of aircraft.

The system was previously successfully tested on an A330 and has an aircraft contract in 2019. That year, Airbus conducted an integrated test flight of the system on board the NATOA330 aircraft at the Paris Air Show. At that time, NATO and Elbit Systems said the integration of the alliance’s multinational multirole tankers and the A330, which would help form a transport fleet, was successful. Elbit Systems then supplied the system to the fleet.

According to Elbit, the open architecture system “integrates laser technology with a high frame rate infrared camera and a small, dynamic, high-speed sealed mirror turret to provide high-performance protection against the threat of infrared missiles.” I am saying. The company said it has witnessed an increasing demand for such self-defense capabilities amid threats from shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles.

Elbit established a UAE subsidiary in November 2021 the year after UAE and Israel normalized their relationship under the Abraham agreement. Since then, the UAE has participated in joint naval training with Israel and the United States Central Command. Israeli defense companies also participated in the UAE Defense Expo for the first time. Including IDEX in early 2021..

Israel’s largest defense company is looking for new business opportunities in the UAE. Israel Aerospace Industries has partnered with the Emirati Defense Conglomerate Edge Group for counter drone technology.. In November 2021, they announced a contract to develop an unmanned surface ship and establish a local electro-optics center.

As part of this, Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has established a joint venture with Emirati’s company group 42 to focus on artificial intelligence.

The recent Elbit contract is the first public transaction of this kind in the UAE and the first contract by a local subsidiary.

“Elbit Systems sees the UAE as an important market and believes that the awarding of this agreement will further emphasize the technical benefits and maturity of the solutions we offer in this area,” the company said in a statement. I am.

The United Arab Emirates has made major defense spending over the last few decades, but this spending Recently tapered..Abu Dhabi recently agreed Acquired 80 Rafale fighters under contract with France,Nevertheless Continue negotiations with the US to acquire the F-35 Joint Strike FighterReported $ 18 billion worth of transactions And $ 23 billion Each.

Since 2010, Seth Franzman has addressed the Middle East conflict as a researcher, analyst and correspondent in various publications. He has experience covering international coalitions with Iraqi and Syrian Islamic State groups and is a co-founder and managing director of the Middle East Reporting and Analysis Center.

https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2022/01/07/israeli-subsidiary-inks-first-public-deal-with-uae-for-work-on-a330-aircraft/ Israeli subsidiary inks first public transaction with UAE for work on A330 aircraft

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