IPhone production reportedly ceased for several days in October.

A new report on Apple’s recent supply chain issues suggests that iPhone production has stopped altogether for the first time in more than a decade.

It is widely reported that Apple is experiencing some problems with iPhone production, and even the iPhone. Recent demand..But a new and comprehensive report from Nikkei It provides a new angle about how things went wrong.

IPhone production reportedly ceased altogether for several days in early October. This was during the so-called Golden Week holidays in China. This is when Apple’s supply chain factories typically start production 24 hours a day.

At the expense of component shortages and power outages, Apple’s manufacturing partners chose to shut down their production lines and give staff vacations instead of offering regular overtime. This is the first time more than 10 years have passed since the iPhone was manufactured.

Apple is said to have fallen below its iPhone and iPad production targets by millions during this festival.Production of iPhone 13 Apple’s largest seller, range, is said to have fallen 20% below previous plans in September and October.

This is despite the fact that Apple is prioritizing its flagship phone range and reallocating core components and resources from the iPad line.The knock-on effect of this was the production of the iPad Halved In the same period.

Due to these shortages, many shoppers will not have access to Apple devices until the end of the Christmas period. It is claimed that this could bring billions of dollars to Apple. IPhone production reportedly ceased for several days in October.

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