iPhone 13 Pro Faces Big Hammer in Brutal Durability Test

Another new iPhone means another brutal endurance test by YouTuber TechRax that destroys the device.

The star of this particular video iPhone 13 ProLike the iPhone 12 Pro, it includes a sturdy ceramic shielded display, stainless steel sides, and a glass back.

Apple claims that the Ceramic Shield display, developed by New York-based Corning, offers four times better drop performance than previous versions of mobile phones.

TechRax likes to do it a little differently, so we decided to stop the traditional drop test to see how to handle the impact by moving the phone away from a certain height.

Instead, in his test, he hits the display with a 3-pound hammer.

True, this is not a real-life scenario. Few people suddenly drop a hammer on their iPhone display during a normal day. But it allows you to see to you how much the iPhone’s ceramic shielded display can be hit before it finally yields.

According to the YouTube channel, “Destroying Technology Since 2011,” TechRax begins with a relatively gentle single impact of seeing a hammer fall from a height of a few inches onto the display. The screen of the iPhone 13 Pro comfortably handles each impact without leaving a large mark on the glass.

The test then moves on to repeated impacts with a little more weight behind it. It’s still like expecting the iPhone 13 Pro to handle it, but I don’t recommend trying it out.

With the display intact, TechRax will start hitting the iPhone 13 Pro with more energy, but Apple’s latest phones are gaining momentum. “Wow, it’s very durable, which means it’s a very decent sized hit at the moment,” commented TechRax.

However, after a while, the phone screen finally cracks, and when it hits further, the screen turns off and begins to collapse. Not surprisingly, the back of the glass is also broken, even though it hasn’t been hit directly.

Overall, the performance of the cell phone is impressive and should instill confidence in buttered iPhone 13 owners, or those who have a lot of hammers around their home.

Apple is clearly pleased with its partnership with Corning and has invested approximately $ 500 million in the company over the past four years to expand its manufacturing capacity in the United States for new durability and long-lasting product life. We are promoting research and development of technology.

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