IPhone 12 significantly reduced by 2000 yuan ($ 310)

Judging by the recent frequent reports of the iPhone 13, everyone knows that this series will be available soon. In fact, the planned launch date is already in the public domain on September 14th. This new series is the biggest change in screen design since iPhone X in 2017. Of course, this series significantly reduces the notches that many users are looking forward to. It is very common for a new flagship predecessor to significantly reduce prices shortly before the launch of a successor.This is the iPhone 12 (old model) iPhone 13 (successor).

As the iPhone 13’s release date approaches, the price of the iPhone 12 has dropped significantly. The 128GB version of the iPhone 12 is reportedly priced at yuan ($ 744) on some platforms. This is a huge amount of 2000 yuan ($ 310) compared to the official price of 6799 yuan ($ 1,054). As you know, the introduction of the iPhone 13 series could significantly reduce iPhone 12 sales. This is a risk that many sales platforms cannot take. Therefore, they enable these price cuts and sell off the remaining inventory of the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 will come with some upgrades this year, but its starting price will not increase. However, with the addition of the 1TB storage version, the high version costs over $ 2,000. Given the price, many iPhone 12 users are preparing to replace it with the upcoming iPhone 13.

In addition to the screen design changes, it has been reported that the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 will also increase. Internally, these smartphones (iPhone 13 series) use the Bionic A15 SoC. Of course, overall battery performance is expected to improve.

By reducing the notch, the ratio of the screen to the main body of the new iPhone will be increased and the visual effect will be improved. However, the screen size is the same as the previous generation. There are three screen sizes in this series: 5.4 inches (mini), 6.1 inches (13 & Pro), and 6.7 inches (Pro Max). The iPhone 13 series comes with more color options than other previous series. In addition to the black and white color options, there are also sunset gold and rose gold color options. Nonetheless, these two colors aren’t entirely new to the iPhone. It’s important to note that the iPhone 13 Pro series does not have a 256GB model. The user must choose between the 128GB model and the 512GB version. IPhone 12 significantly reduced by 2000 yuan ($ 310)

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