iOS 16 editable iMessage may not play well on older iPhones

The ability to edit and unsend messages was one of the main features of iOS 16. Announced earlier this monthHowever, if you send a message to someone who isn’t using the latest version of Apple software, the feature may not work. The latest iOS Developer Beta 16 contains a nasty workaround to allow iPhones without iOS 16 to receive new editable iMessages. 9to5Mac Report.. It can be annoying to anyone in iMessage group chat using older iPhones or Androids.

Instead of just looking at the edited version of the message, when someone running a second beta of iOS 16 tries to edit an iMessage sent to a device with an older version of the software, the latter Edit The second Text preceded by the word “edit to”. Earlier developer beta versions of iOS 16 did not send anything when trying to edit a message sent to a device other than iOS 16. However, the new approach can seem quite annoying to recipients who see multiple messages. 9to5Mac After the edited version is submitted, Apple’s software reports that the original message cannot be deleted automatically.

For most iPhone owners, this issue is unlikely to last long, given that iOS 16 will be available on devices. Back to iPhone 8 in 2017Needless to say, Apple is releasing a new version of the software very quickly. However, it can still be annoying to Android users of iMessage group chat and those using iPhones before 2017. However, being able to view unedited messages can be beneficial.

This is a mess similar to how emoji reactions (also known as “tapbacks”) have been handled so far when sent between iOS and Android. However, the solution to the problem gradually emerged here. Google updates messaging app To correctly analyze tapbacks sent by iOS and Apple Plan a similar update on iOS 16.. We hope that a similar solution will eventually appear in editable iMessage. iOS 16 editable iMessage may not play well on older iPhones

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