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Since I was handed Mike, I’ve been trying to identify the most effective growth marketers that have helped startups build their businesses.With that in mind, Editor-in-Chief Eric Eldon Interview with growth leader Susan SueHe is currently responsible for Sound Ventures’ portfolio strategy and talks about the need for founders to develop a growth-centric spirit as the economy resumes.

“You don’t have to remember all the right buttons to push the ad dashboard, but you need to be familiar with and comfortable with the core work of finding gaps,” says Su.

“If someone else adopts the idea that they can or should do it for them, the founder will fail. The founder’s work provides ambition and opinion, and then It’s about attracting high-quality talent, pulling levers, and realizing their creative vision. “

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TechCrunch Top 3

Apple isn’t ranked among the top personal health brands such as Procter & Gamble, Peloton, and Fitbit, but you probably don’t need to. Cupertino’s health-related products and services are large enough to somehow touch each of these companies, and many others.

To Interview with Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of TechnologyDarrell Etherington has tracked the evolution of its user-driven approach to developing hardware, software, and data management policies for personal health.

“Actually, it started with the Apple Watch, which was capturing heart rate data for calorie measurement activities. [Activity] The ring was closed and we needed a place to put our heart rate data, “says Lynch. “So I created the Health app as a place to store my data.”

Sara Perez reported Today’s launch of Spotify Greenroom, a live audio app Based on the locker room code. In March, Spotify purchased Betty Labs, the developer of the locker room.

Best known for music streaming, Spotify has recently expanded into more robust media companies. Greenroom allows users to host and join audio chat rooms, “optionally turning those conversations into podcasts,” says Sarah.

There’s a reason ad units are called “impressions.” FMCG companies are literally keen to put a message on our face.

So, of course Facebook today announced plans to begin testing ads on the Oculus platform With a limited rollout. “For now, this is a test with several apps,” said one company’s blog post.

Startup and VC

Software testing platform BrowserStack Today, it announced that it has raised $ 200 million in a Series B round. The round, which values ​​the company at $ 4 billion, was led by BOND and attended by Insight Partners and Accel.

PandaDoc competitor Templafy Raised $ 60 million worth of Series D. Since its launch, the Danish-based business document creation platform has raised $ 125 million, including the $ 25 million Series C 14 months ago.

After securing a $ 100 million Series E round led by an Accel partner Last mile delivery platform Bringg is currently worth $ 1 billion, The company confirms. CEO Guy Bloch told TechCrunch that the money will be used to drive growth, expand business and attract new customers. “Companies need our urgent help to get the job done,” says Bloch.

Edtech Investors Flock To SaaS Guidance Counselors

The general post-pandemic educational technology story, where everyone predicted that higher education would become a DOA as soon as they were vaccinated and took off for a gap year, may not be true at all.

Natasha Mascarenhas explores new breeds of edtech SaaS startups that act like guidance counselors, helping students from study abroad opportunities to fascinating college swipes (really!).

“Start-ups that help students navigate the institution’s bureaucracy to derive more value from their educational experience are becoming more and more popular with investors as consumer demand for virtual personal learning grows. It may be the focus, “she writes.

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

Facebook unveils new tool for group admins: Facebook has released a new toolset aimed at helping Facebook group admins better handle their online community and keep conversations off track. (Odds may be in your favor!) Among the more interesting new tools is the ability to use machine learning to alert administrators to potentially unhealthy conversations taking place within a group. .. Second, it allows admins to slow down the pace of heated conversations by limiting the frequency with which group members can post. As the maxim progresses, if you can’t say anything good, say it slowly.

Google updates online safety curriculum for kids: Perhaps instead of using machine learning to prevent the rapid spread of disinformation about vaccines, can we teach the next generation what is right on the Internet? Google has updated and extended Be Internet Awesome, a digital security and citizenship curriculum. This curriculum includes lessons for parents and educators on online games, cyberbullying, and online empathy. I wish you success!

Alphabet’s self-driving arm Waymo raises $ 2.5 billion: In the second external funding round, Waymo raised $ 2.5 billion to grow the Waymo Driver, self-driving platform, and team. Waymo One, a commercial ride-hailing service, currently operates in Phoenix, Arizona, and earlier this month, Waymo announced plans to enter a “test run” of trucking and freight transportation services by JB Hunt. iOS 15 is the latest milestone in Apple Health’s evolutionary path – TechCrunch

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