Internet detectives find evidence of tampering with Copterpack videos

last month, Amazing first flight footage from a copter pack, Australia Electric Personal Flight Device. Now, a pixel peeper in the eagle’s eye scrutinized the video and provided evidence that the tether wire was edited.

The video in question is great, only 69 seconds long. If you missed it, you can check it again below.

Copter Pack first flight

That certainly made us go.In the times David Mayman, Franky Zapata And Richard Browning On a daily basis, we make various turbine-powered personal flight devices look easy and fun. There was nothing particularly ridiculous for us about the idea of ​​the electric version.

Parallax for YouTube usersBut, or the talented U.S. aerial filmmaker Nick Adams, urged by a friend of the R / C aviation community to suspect something suspicious was happening, he began to look closer. .. Why wasn’t there much dust at takeoff? Was the movement of the copter pack in the air natural, or was it similar to what you would get if you hung something from the tether?

Adams boosts the sharpness and saturation of the video to better see the Shenanigan being edited, providing solid evidence that the area above the Copterpack is processed with the same video as Photoshop’s “Clone Stamp” tool. I found. It’s very difficult to find in a still image, but it becomes apparent as you progress frame by frame. Check out the video below:

The “flight” of the CopterPack is fake-hanging on a wire!

This kind of editing is quite sophisticated. The video has been carefully planned and shot to make each flight angle compelling and maximize the editor’s chances of removing the tether wire in post production. For some shots, it’s completely seamless. However, there are enough relics left to understand what is happening.

I contacted Copterpack after the video was first released, but didn’t get any reply. I contacted again for comment on the parallax video, but I didn’t get any reply.

The Copterpack website has been edited to include the following paragraphs: “The uniqueness of the CopterPack is that the body becomes part of the aircraft. The CopterPack is currently in the early stages of development. Recent tether tests on the prototype have made it possible to evaluate flight dynamics.” Aircraft Stabilization. ”The parallax video was released on June 28th. Internet Archive Wayback Machine, This paragraph was not added until after that date.

It leaves us guessing. All this is not a complete hoax for us. Whoever the Copterpack guy is, he obviously spends time and money building devices with video. It allows you to vectorize thrust by rotating the props and tilting them.

So what’s really happening here? Perhaps we are looking for a device that is not powerful enough to carry a suitable, activated, normal-sized human and lift its own weight.Chuck Marder, a new atlas reader and personal electric flight enthusiast who caught our attention with this video, sent us a breakdown of the high-end components of such devices, with Copterpack. However If you weigh less than 53 kg (117 lb), you can lift a person off the ground in a short amount of time.

Perhaps the copter pack is legal and the tether rope is one of the irresponsible basic safety measures you don’t take. Perhaps the team had to run the rope to avoid getting caught in the red tape. Australia has some reputation as a nanny state in this regard. Perhaps I thought it seemed ridiculous to hang from the crane in the promo video, so the author edited the tether. And they are right. This video did not record the current 1.4 million YouTube views using a visible rope.

The video got a lot of attention, it’s for sure, and perhaps some investors go along with it. However, it is a fraudulent and bad business to edit a test flight footage in this way and own it only when captured, regardless of whether the device works as shown. We hope you have the opportunity to talk to the Copterpack team soon and resolve the issue. If the damn things go well, there are many people waiting to get excited.

Source: Parallax (YouTube) Internet detectives find evidence of tampering with Copterpack videos

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