Internet connection required to install Windows 11

Last week’s preview version of the ISO image Windows 11 It appeared on the Internet, which will officially launch on June 24th. This has allowed enthusiasts to become accustomed to the changes that developers have made to the software platform. Previously, there were reports of possible support for third-party widgets. And now we know that you need an active internet connection to complete the initial setup process for Windows 11 Home.

It’s worth noting that software giants have long insisted that users use Microsoft accounts when setting up Windows. However, in Windows 10, unplug the Ethernet cable and[インターネットがありません]You can skip this step by selecting to continue the setup process and create a local account. According to the source, this approach does not work on Windows 11 Home. Unless Microsoft makes the appropriate changes in the stable version of the OS.

Internet connection required to install Windows 11

Enthusiastic fans have tested the initial setup process for Windows 11 on some virtual machines and found that there is no “No Internet” option on the Wi-Fi Internet connection screen. This option allows you to create a local account. Also, there is no “Offline Account” option in the login options menu that follows the network connection page. Users simply use their Microsoft account or start enrolling.

Still, it looks pretty weird, but enthusiasts managed to find a workaround. I found that pressing Alt + F4 on the internet connection page takes me directly to the menu for creating a local account. At this time, whether developers plan to aggressively push users to use their Microsoft account when setting up Windows 11 for the first time, or with a stable version of the OS this process will be similar to Windows 10. I don’t know if.

Windows 11 may add support for third-party widgets

Even before the announcement, it became clear that Microsoft intends to bring the widget back to the operating system. Elements that existed in Windows 7. Now we know that Windows 11 may support third-party widgets.

This test build includes the News and Interests widget, which was available to Windows 10 users earlier this year. However, this is not the end of the widget work. According to sources, Windows 11 will initially support Microsoft widgets. However, you will be able to use third-party products later. Allows users to customize the operating system interface to their liking. Internet connection required to install Windows 11

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