Indium Corporation Showcases Innovative Solutions from Thermal Management Portfolio at SEMI-THERM

Indium Corporation® Here we present a series of innovative thermal management solutions. Semitherm, March 13-17, San Jose, CA.

Indium Corporation’s new line of innovative liquid metal pastes (LMPs) enables a true liquid metal-based TIM solution that addresses heat dissipation issues while maintaining long-term reliability. Indium Corporation’s next generation LMPs have higher viscosities than standard liquid metals and provide:

  • Low Rth of 0.03K/W
  • Predictable diffusion properties
  • Low risk of pumping out
  • Lower total cost

Indium’s heat spring® The best solution for TIM2 applications is a compressible interface between heat source and heat sink. These indium-containing TIMs offer better thermal conductivity than non-metals, with pure indium metal achieving 86W/mK. They are available as pure indium, pure indium coated with aluminum to prevent sticking to the device under test (DUT), indium-silver alloys, and indium-tin alloys.

Featured heat spring® SEMI-THERM Products:

  • Patterned to optimize contact with non-flat surfaces
  • Provides uniform contact between burn-in head and DUT
  • Provides more uniform thermal conductivity
  • clean without residue
  • recyclable and reusable

Indium’s GalliTHERM™ The portfolio of gallium-based liquid metal solutions draws on the company’s 60+ years of experience in manufacturing gallium-based liquid metals. These liquid metal TIMs are designed for both TIM1 and TIM2 applications. Liquid Metal TIMs offer:

  • High thermal conductivity for end product longevity and reliability
  • Low interfacial resistance to most surfaces ensures rapid heat dissipation
  • Exceptional wettability on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s thermal management solutions, visit our SEMI-THERM experts.

https://www.wnie.online/indium-corporation-to-feature-innovative-solutions-from-portfolio-of-thermal-management-products-at-semi-therm/ Indium Corporation Showcases Innovative Solutions from Thermal Management Portfolio at SEMI-THERM

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