Indium Corporation Announces New Cleanable SiPaste® for Microprinting

Indium Corporation® has added to its portfolio of micro-printing pastes a halogen-free, washable solder paste specially formulated for micro-printing, seen in the 01005 and 008004 components.

Chipaste® The C201HF combines industry-leading superior No-Wet-Open (NWO) performance with superior stencil print transfer efficiency to meet a wide range of process requirements and improve SPI yields. It leaves a washable residue that can be removed with commercial semi-aqueous cleaning solutions or can be used as a standard no-clean paste in processes where post-reflow cleaning is not applicable.

Chipaste® The C201HF has excellent transfer efficiency in fine feature apertures with consistent process yields of less than 80 µm.Chipaste® The C201HF offers:

  • Uniform and tight solder deposit across multiple prints.Excellent responsiveness to pauses
  • Minimize voids in narrow-pitch parts and ensure joint strength in small parts
  • Excellent reflow performance on highly warped parts
  • Minimize bridging during the assembly process to improve slump performance and improve yield of narrow pitch parts
  • Flexible cleaning; can be used in processes that require or do not require cleaning with saponifiers

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s fine feature printing pastes, contact Evan Griffith, Product Specialist, Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials. egriffith@indium.com.

https://www.wnie.online/indium-corporation-introduces-new-cleanable-sipaste-for-fine-feature-printing/ Indium Corporation Announces New Cleanable SiPaste® for Microprinting

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