Increased privacy risk: Video chat apps may be sharing more information than you think

Be sure to update your Zoom privacy settings.

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The Zoom video conference And the popularity of chat apps has skyrocketed Millions of people We searched for new ways to work, study and socialize in the coronavirus pandemic.Optional Customize the background And new features such as Immersive view When Disappearing pen toolIt’s easy to see why Zoom hasn’t diminished in popularity. COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots deployed And become an office Hybrid workplace.. But with its popularity, it comes with privacy risks.


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From the built-in attention tracking feature ( Disabled) To Exploitable software bugs Problem with “Zoom bombing” (If an uninvited participant breaks into the meeting and confuses it)-Zoom’s security practices Scrutiny drawn From users all over the world.Attorney General of New York Letitia James Sent a letter to Zoom Summary of Privacy Vulnerability Concerns for March 2020. Electronic Frontier Foundation It also warned users working at home about the software’s onboard privacy features.

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privacy Experts have previously expressed concern about the 2019 Zoom that video conferencing software has experienced both. Webcam hacking scandal, And a bug that allows snooping users to potentially participate Video conferences they weren’t invited to, If those meetings are not password protected.

The problem exacerbated by its widespread adoption at the beginning of the pandemic is only the latest chapter in the rocky security history of software. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan responds to concerns In April 2020, we will freeze feature updates and address security issues with a 90-day update rollout.Zoom has since added security features such as: End-to-end encryption, There are still some things to keep in mind to keep your chat as private as possible.

You need to be aware of some of Zoom’s privacy vulnerabilities.

Zoom’s cloud recording feature may share meeting videos with people outside the call

For paid subscribers Zoom cloud recording The feature can be either a lifesaver or a catastrophic fake waiting to happen. If this feature is enabled on your account, the host records the meeting with a transcription of that text and a text file of the chat active in that meeting, saves it in the cloud, and later by other authorized users. You can make it accessible. A company that includes people who have never attended the meeting in question. Wow.

As Jack Morse of Mashable said, “It suggests, but it’s not clear that for non-webinar / standard meetings, a chat message between individuals is later sent to the boss after a call recorded in the cloud. . “

However, you can use zoom to narrow down your audience here. Administrators can limit the accessibility of records to only certain pre-approved IP addresses, even if the records are already shared. Participants can also see when the meeting was recorded.

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Zoom information shared with Facebook

Now I’m used to hearing it from people who value privacy: don’t use it Facebook Log in to other sites or software unless you need to Facebook has data What you are doing. fair enough. But if you find that Zoom is sending some of your analytics data to Facebook, what do you do, whether you have a Facebook account or not?

Ann Analysis by secondary motherboard I found the iOS version of the Zoom app that does just that. Thanks to Facebook’s Graph API, Zoom was telling Facebook every time it opened the Zoom app, telling Facebook which phone or device it was using, the phone company, location, and unique phone number. advertisement identifier.Motherboard also reported it Zoom has updated the iOS app Therefore, the app will stop sending certain data to Facebook.

and Blog post in March 2020Zoom addressed this issue and decided to remove the Facebook SDK in the iOS client and reconfigure the feature so that users can continue to log in to Facebook, as “Your privacy is very important to us. I did. Browser. “


Zoom can share information with third parties such as Facebook.

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By March 2020 Zoom Privacy Policy It contained refreshing words about its relationship with third-party data crunchers. This is one reason to question where and to what extent data we didn’t know was shared or sold.

“Zoom uses certain standard advertising tools that require personal data (for example). Google Advertising and Google Analytics). We use these tools to help improve the advertising experience (such as serving ads on the Internet, serving personalized ads on websites, providing analytics services, etc.), “said the policy at the time. increase. Third-party providers using these tools may fall under the very broad definition of “selling” personal data under certain state laws. These companies may use personal data not only for Zoom purposes, but also for their own business purposes. “

However, at the end of March, Zoom updated its privacy policy. In the statement After the move, Zoom said it wouldn’t change the actual practice, but would like to make the language clearer. Regarding the relationship with the above third-party data handlers, the company has drawn a line between the product and the website. “this is, Website. Data about user activity on the Zoom Platform (video, audio, chat content, etc.) will not be provided to third parties for advertising purposes, “the company said.

You probably need to check your zoom and device security settings to make sure the anti-tracking software on your device is up-to-date, with the aim of minimizing permissions.

It may be useless, but it can’t be hurt.

It’s also important to keep your Zoom app up to date. This ensures that your privacy is always protected by the latest security patches.Fortunately, Zoom recently released a new one. Automatic update function This makes this process very convenient.

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