Improved cost and convenience as a consideration for air travel

As a sign that travel may be returning to pre-pandemic trends Expedia Group Media Solutions It is said that traditional factors such as cost and convenience are increasing as factors for purchasing air travel.

Company’s First quarter trend report Includes data and insights from custom surveys, along with Expedia Group travel intent and demand data.

According to the report, since March 2020, pandemics have become an issue around the world, and the percentage of guests who mention cleanliness in their reviews has skyrocketed. About one-third of all reviews mention cleanliness compared to the previous 10%. -Pandemic. This trend continues, with 80% of travelers still expecting to make accommodation decisions based on pandemic readiness, according to a Expedia Group survey.

However, reports show that consumer priorities based on air travel searches are beginning to change.

Looking at the topics searched when booking flights for the last 12 months, the aggregated annual data includes health and hygiene keywords such as “overall safety,” “cleanliness,” and “crowd.” Indicates that it is three of the top five. However, looking at the same search data for the first quarter of 2021, these topics have fallen out of the top five and have been replaced by considerations such as “cost,” “ticket price,” and “flight change.” I will.

The report states: “As consumer confidence continues to grow, there are signs that more traditional decision-making drivers, such as cost and convenience, are beginning to reassert …. Often, flights are the first factor to be booked. It’s a good indicator of how people think and feel about travel. ”

https://www.phocuswire.com/cost-convenience-increasing-as-considerations-for-air-travel-ahead-of-health-and-hygiene Improved cost and convenience as a consideration for air travel

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