If you haven’t heard of GitOps, this training will cover everything and the role of GitOps in changing web development games.

TLDR: The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certified Bundle contains 11 courses aimed at speeding up and improving the development process for cloud-native app builds.

Developers often don’t have the time to spare. Not only do they need to deploy their work quickly, but they also need to constantly update and refine their work, even after it has been announced to the world.

Cloud-native tools allow developers to easily and quickly run these apps in virtually any environment, using concepts such as containers, service meshes, microservices, and immutable infrastructure. ..

Its sophistication in cloud-based development has led directly to the creation of GitOps. This is the process of building, testing, and releasing faster and more reliable apps using Git, one of the most popular systems for tracking changes in software development. Created.

In training at 2021 Ultimate Git Ops Certified Bundle ($ 34.99, 90% OffGet all the knowledge you need to handle the continuous deployment of cloud-native apps, a steadily growing segment of all web creation projects (from TNW deals).

This collection of 11 courses includes nearly 100 hours of all Git and GitOps related training, from steps in the GitOps process to a variety of tools that enable a smarter and faster GitOps deployment pipeline. All the work is done.

Training begins with building blocks as a course such as: Learn how to code in Python Previously, help users become accustomed to using the Python programming language The fastest 2021 guide for developing the web without code skills We will teach students the simple steps to get a solid site up and running with minimal and hassle.

Since Git is at the heart of all Git Ops, here are four courses that delve into Git operations. Git essentials for beginners And Git and GitHub for Beginners: A Practical Boot Camp Open learning, Version control and collaboration between Git and GitHub Find out how Git can get your project on track and avoid cataclysmic errors that can sink your entire product run.

The collection concludes with a course that covers some of the most important components of GitOps, including courses that cover usage such as Kubernetes, Git SQL, and Heroku.

The training is worth $ 2,200 and the 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certified Bundle is now available Just over $ 3 per course, just $ 34.99..

Prices are subject to change. If you haven’t heard of GitOps, this training will cover everything and the role of GitOps in changing web development games.

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