IBM’s AI can predict how Parkinson’s disease progresses in individuals

In the past, I’ve seen doctors use AI software to detect Brain tumor, Kidney disease And various cancer.. Researchers at IBM and the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) now say they have developed a program that can predict how symptoms in Parkinson’s patients progress in terms of both timing and severity.In Lancet Digital Health According to the journal, they claim that the software can change the way doctors manage a patient’s symptoms by allowing them to more accurately predict the progression of the disease.

“Our goal is to use AI to assist in patient management and clinical trial design. Despite the prevalence of Parkinson’s disease, patients experience a unique variety of motor and non-motor symptoms. That’s why these goals are important, “says IBM.

Breakthroughs would not have been possible without the Parkinson’s Disease Progression Marker Initiative, a study sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. IBM describes a dataset containing information about more than 1,400 individuals as “the largest and most robust amount of Parkinson’s disease patient data to date,” allowing AI models to map complex symptoms and progression patterns. It states that it did.

Parkinson’s disease is estimated to affect more than 6 million people worldwide, and no cure is currently known. IBM Research and MJFF will continue to work on the AI ​​model. In the future, they hope to make it better by providing more detailed features of the various stages of the disease.

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