IBM Enhances BI Offerings with Business Analytics Enterprise Suite

IBM Business Intelligence (BI) When analysis The suite is called Business Analytics Enterprise and is designed to help companies break down data silos and collaboration barriers caused by using different analytical tools in different departments.

In doing so, IBM says companies can better navigate growing challenges such as supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and evolving regulations.

The new suite, which consists of the new Analytics Content Hub and enhanced versions of Planning Analytics with Watson and Cognos Analytics with Watson, provides business intelligence tooling capabilities for budgeting, reporting, and data forecasting across multiple departments.

The suite, announced Thursday, is also an effort on the part of IBM to increase its market share in the growing business intelligence and analytics software market. The market, which includes players such as Microsoft, Tableau, Incorta, Alteryx, Oracle, and TIBCO Software, is estimated at about $7 billion, according to market research firm Gartner.

Analytic content hub for cross-vendor analytics access

According to the company, the new Analytics Content Hub is designed to give enterprise users access to analytics and planning tools from multiple vendors in a single window or dashboard.

Additionally, it has algorithms that recommend role-oriented content to allow users to view new stories, reports, and dashboards from across the organization to help them make decisions, the company added.

Additionally, the Hub can analyze usage patterns and recommend content that aligns with a user’s or department’s specific interests, IBM says.

Updates to IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

As part of the new suite, the company said it is updating its existing analytics services, Cognos Analytics with Watson and Planning Analytics with Watson.

IBM’s Cognos Analytics with Watson AIThe underlying self-service program for creating dashboards and reports has been updated to allow for seasonality and multiple other factors while performing trend analysis, IBM said.

He added that IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, an AI-based service that helps streamline financial and operational planning, will be available as an AWS service later this year.

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