IBM announces new cloud and AI-powered fan experience for Wimbledon 2022

IBM and the All England Lawn Tennis Club have unveiled a new way for Wimbledon fans around the world to experience the championship digitally using artificial intelligence (AI) powered by IBM Cloud and hybrid cloud technology.

New features co-created by AllEngland Club with IBM for and the Wimbledon app add to a comprehensive suite of digital fan experiences such as the IBM Power Index with Watson, IBM Match Insights with Watson, and Personalized Recommendations and Highlights Reels. – All designed to give audiences around the world more information and participate in players, matches and tournaments.

The new features in 2022 are:

• WinFactors brings enhanced accountability to Match Insights: Based on the Wimbledon app and’s existing Match Insights capabilities, IBM can help identify the factors being analyzed by the AI ​​system. Matches insights and predictions that provide an additional level of accountability. Win Factors will give you a better understanding of the factors that affect a player’s performance, such as the IBM Power Index, Court Surface, ATP / WTA Rankings, matches, percentage of games won, net amount of sets won, and recent performance. I can. Yearly success, and a media expert.

• Have Your Say with new interactive fan predictions: For the first time, users can use the Have Your Say feature to register their own predictions of match results on the Wimbledon app and You can then compare your predictions to the aggregated predictions of other fans and the AI-generated AI-powered Win potential predictions generated by IBM.

Wimbledon’s digital capabilities are backed by IBM Watson, leveraging a hybrid cloud approach that uses a combination of on-premises systems, private clouds, and IBM clouds to increase flexibility and efficiency. IBM Cloud provides the foundation and scalability for these digital experiences. It hosts and processes data from matches supplied to AI models built using IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Discovery to generate insights for fans, commentators, and media.

Alexandra Willis, Director of Communications and Marketing at the All England Club, said: It provides fans with a great digital experience wherever they are. We are pleased to partner with IBM to provide fans around the world with a more dynamic and interactive digital experience this year when Wimbledon is back in full operation. At the heart of these experiences is to understand which players to follow and analyze and participate in extensive channel-wide scoring, news and video content, as well as new match prediction and insight capabilities. Our ambition is to help them get closer to Wimbledon by inviting them. “

Kevin Farrar, IBM UK & Ireland Sports Partnership Leader, said: Immerse tennis lovers in the magic of the championship anywhere in the world. Sports fans love discussion and look forward to introducing new tools this year to allow people to register their match predictions and compare them with Match Insights and Watson and other fan predictions. “

For the past 33 years, as the official technology partner of the championship, IBM has developed solutions to modernize and streamline workloads, and through IBM iX, IBM Consulting’s experience design division, an innovative digital that attracts sports fans around the world. We have provided an experience. Wimbledon continues to accelerate innovation and improve the digital fan experience by leveraging the same technology that IBM uses in different industries and companies around the world. The complete suite of digital experiences with IBM on and the Wimbledon app includes:

IBM PowerIndex with IBM Watson

  • AI-powered player performance analysis allows fans to know who to follow other than the most famous and ranked players.
  • Use IBM Watson Discovery and IBM Cloud to analyze performance data, mine media commentary, and measure player momentum.
  • It creates insights for fans such as Ones to Watch and Likelihood to Win probabilities.

IBM Match Insights and IBM Watson

  • Use AI to generate player fact sheets for main draw single matches, reveal player insights, and present IBM PowerIndex and winner predictions.
  • It features an “in-media” section that leverages IBM Watson Discovery to extract important player insights from trusted news sources.
  • Includes a “By the Numbers” section that uses open source AI to transform past match stats into player insights.
  • New this year – Users can use the Have Your Say feature to register their own predictions of match results on the Wimbledon app and

Personalized recommendations and highlight reels

  • When fans decide who to follow through the IBM PowerIndex, they get the latest information through a set of personalized recommendations and highlight reels.
  • This allows fans to discover new players by making suggestions based on their current favorite players, IBM Power rankings, top players, countries, and ages.
  • It contains links to other features such as IBM PowerIndex Leaderboard and MatchInsights with Watson. If you are enrolled in myWimbledon, you will receive personalized highlights based on the players you are following.

The championship Wimbledon will be held from June 27th to July 10th, 2022. To see the technology in action, visit or download the Wimbledon app on mobile devices available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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