IBA, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and University of Washington commit to bench-to-bedside research program for FLASH proton therapy

August 5, 2022 — Iba (Ion Beam Applications SA, EURONEXT), a world leader in particle accelerator technology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle have announced a multi-year collaboration on ConformalFLASH.[1] proton therapy. Under this partnership, IBA will equip Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s proton therapy system and proton gantry treatment room with ConformalFLASH research capabilities to enable preclinical studies of FLASH therapy. In the future, this could lead to new clinical features for patients.

Continuous technological innovation has dramatically advanced radiation therapy over the past decades, allowing it to treat a wide range of solid tumors in a safer and more precise manner. FLASH radiation, defined as the delivery of radiation at very high dose rates (40-60 Gy/s), has been shown to reduce normal tissue toxicity while maintaining comparable anti-tumor efficacy.[2],[3]FLASH will dramatically change the landscape of radiotherapy and patient cancer care by increasing therapeutic window with less toxicity, shortening treatment time, and increasing dose in radioresistant tumors to improve tumor control. expected to change. IBA’s ConformalFLASH approach combines the biosparing effect of FLASH with the spatial selectivity of the proton Bragg peak.

As part of this collaboration, UW School of Medicine scientists will lead a comprehensive bench-to-bedside program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to analyze FLASH-Radiotherapy (FLASH-RT) in preclinical models to Optimally deploy FLASH-RT in cancer. Patience. The focus is to evaluate the optimal physical parameters of proton FLASH irradiation, including pencil beam scanning (PBS) FLASH dose rate and His FLASH effect on spread-out Bragg peak (SOBP).

Swati Girdhani, Director of Research Collaboration at the IBA, said: “We aim to advance radiation therapy towards increased use of ultra-hypofractionation while significantly improving its therapeutic index. We are delighted to be working with one of our research centers, the University of Washington.”

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[1] ConformalFLASH is the registered brand of IBA’s proton FLASH irradiation solutions currently in the research and development stage.

[2] Diffenderfer et al IJROBP 2020 “Design, implementation and in vivo validation of a new proton flash radiotherapy system”.

[3] Velalopoulou et al Cancer Research 2021 “FLASH proton therapy spares normal epithelial and mesenchymal tissue while maintaining sarcoma response”. IBA, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and University of Washington commit to bench-to-bedside research program for FLASH proton therapy

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