I love the iPhone 12 Mini, but the 13 Mini needs to make these changes

Nevertheless Low sales And general indifference to the device – I absolutely love iPhone 12 Mini.. Most of the flagships are too big to fit in the front pocket, so the 12 Mini felt like a real consumer device when it was released. It exists only to provide customers with the option of smaller and more compact smartphones.

But it’s by no means a perfect device. That’s because, hopefully, there are some aspects that need to be changed. iPhone 13 The mini can be modified.In front of the Upcoming Apple Events, These are the most important things the iPhone 13 Mini must do to surpass the iPhone 12 Mini.

Shrink that notch

With a 5.4-inch screen and a weight of only 133 grams, the iPhone 12 Mini is undeniably tiny, but I’ve never felt this as a downside while using the phone … it’s the content I have. I’ll go until I want to see it.

On the 12 Mini’s small display, the notch never felt big, and unfortunately the phone is worse than that. For the iPhone 12 Mini, the smaller ratio usually means that you need to look at the details in detail when you try to watch the video.

To avoid this, the iPhone 13 Mini should actually reduce the notch so that more display can be used when streaming from Netflix, Disney Plus, etc.

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Bump that battery

This is an unfortunate aspect of the iPhone 12 Mini’s design, but the small build means that trying to push in a significant amount of battery is always a problem. Of course, I don’t expect the iPhone 13 Mini to last up to two days, but successors need to clarify the concept of a one-day battery.

More often than I remember, the iPhone 12 Mini brought me a little too close to 0% by the end of a long day, making it essential to carry a battery pack with me.

If the 13 Mini reaches the end of the day and has just under 50% left in the tank, it’s definitely a big win over the 12 Mini’s Achilles tendon.

Add the appropriate zoom

The camera feature has always been one of the most important smartphone features for me, but with the iPhone 12 Mini, it’s easy to unplug the phone right away, so I can take more pictures than ever before. rice field.

No need to tinker with big, slippery phones. Combining the sharp design of a mobile phone with the functions that can be used with one hand, it works perfectly as a compact camera.

12 Mini, and in fact all iPhones after that iPhone 11 Having a good camera, one of the areas that is very lacking is the zoom feature.

When you start using the 12 Mini’s 5x digital zoom, all your camera skills pop out of the window. It’s easy for the 13Mini to fix this with a 5x optical zoom.

Discard the 64GB model

This isn’t just a critique of the 12 Mini, not a general iPhone range, but the 2021 64GB option is a joke. Forget the fact that 128GB is the standard for Android devices. Who do you think Apple is targeting with low storage options when storing movies, TV shows, music, photos, documents and apps on your phone? Norms.

If this happens, we also recommend that you do not raise the price of your device. One of the attractions of the 12 Mini is that it offers the same great features as the 12 at a low price, which is a shame for the next generation. I love the iPhone 12 Mini, but the 13 Mini needs to make these changes

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