I asked Amazon to show me some really expensive gadgets.

Tired of expensive searches?

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Spare your thoughts for the rich.

Or for those who simply need to spend more latest gadgetswell, just feel something.

They have the right to spend their money however they please, and online shopping is there to help them.

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I wanted to help them too. So I tried to put myself into the minds of these more noble types to discover what happens when you ask Amazon to show you something expensive instead of something of good value.

oh dear

So I typed “expensive gadgets” into Amazon’s tiny search box and pretended money didn’t matter. When it comes to objects of technical desire, it is.

What can the Amazon conjure up? The short answer to that is The Valley of Confusion.

But you’re not here for easy answers, are you? You’re here to immerse yourself in life’s vast array of choices.

So Amazon’s take on expensive gadgets is “Tinco Pure One S15 Pet Smart cordless vacuum, stick vacuum with anti-tangle brush, deep clean hard floors and carpets, clean pet hair with LED headlight, Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Of course, I was immediately elated. Who wouldn’t dream of a vacuum cleaner with headlights and Wi-Fi connectivity? Always vacuuming in the dark? that’s right. And all of this at $499.99 is the very definition of an expensive gadget.

Then I concentrated. This was not Amazon’s actual offer. This was a sponsored ad “based on search query and product relevance.”

Ask about this, for example, Amazon’s ability to create advertising algorithms that are relevant to the real world.

Expensive but on sale

But I’m not going to live There was more joy here.

Amazon’s own first suggestion was “Unistellar eVscope eQuinox — Smart Digital Reflector Telescope — Computerized, Portable Astronomy Accessible for Beginners and Advanced Users, Adults and Kids — Comes with Tripod, Alt-Az Mount and Control App. “

What a bargain this was. It was 33% off, or $1,999. Yes definitely expensive.

Amazon was very keen to lure me into a $1,000 DJI drone, but I’m made of tougher stuff. I got more hooked.”Osaki Ador 3D Allure 3-Step Zero Gravity Ergonomic SL Track Intelligent Voice Control Calf Massage (Taupe)”

Can you imagine someone paying $2,999 for a voice-controlled calf massager?

Amazon even tried to sell me.”meta quest 2 — Get Meta Quest 2, an advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset — including 128 GB GOLF+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX.”

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The mere idea that a space pirate tamer was included for the low price of $399 was terrifyingly appealing. Then I realized that no one had any of these things, nor had anyone shown any interest in them.

Asking Amazon for an expensive gadget may have twisted the algorithm’s head a bit.

It offered ‘Hiboy KS4/KS4 Pro Electric Scooter, Upgraded 500W Motor (Ver. KS4 350W), 19 MPH 25 Miles Range (Ver. KS4 17 Miles), 8″ & 10″ Tire Escooter, Adult Folding Commuter Electric Scooter (Optional Seat). .

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Next to it was “Hikmicro B1L 160 x 120 IR Resolution Infrared Camera WiFi, 25Hz refresh rate, 3.2 inch LCD screen, handheld 19200 pixel infrared thermal imager with high temperature alarm. Still this was $429.

It was clear that Amazon’s algorithm didn’t quite grasp what kinds of expensive gadgets tempted me. I also didn’t quite understand the concept of expensive.

dear, dear, dear

As my proof, I present the fact that Amazon desperately wanted to sell their own brand. Yes, I’m looking for something expensive. Also, none of the products on Amazon were very expensive.

sample: “multi tool pliers — 12 in 1 Camping Pliers Multi-Tool, Professional Camping Accessories Survival Gear Outdoor Compact Multi-Tool Gadget.

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Scrolling down, I lost hope that there was something here that would really move the wealthy. Wealthy people can be very strange – I was suddenly fascinated by gun-like objects.

this is”Stoeger XM1 Bull Shark – .177 caliber – black synthetic with multigrip system and buttstock spacer. “Olympic precision”.

So Amazon doesn’t know me yet. Nor have they reliably figured out how to entice people to spend big bucks on fancy gadgets to suit their mood.

It felt like the company’s algorithm was getting a little hopeless when I saw this at the bottom of the search page: “Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: Quick and Easy Recipes for Delicious Homemade Meals Affordable at 1500 | Tips and Tricks for Frying, Grilling, Roasting and Baking. “

Affordable? The whole point of this search, Amazon, did the exact opposite.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/i-asked-amazon-to-show-me-really-expensive-gadgets-and-oh-dear/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 I asked Amazon to show me some really expensive gadgets.

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