“Hyena” is a team shooter by the creators of “Alien Isolation”.

Creative Assembly is best known for intentional paced games such as: Alien: Isolation And the Total War series, which is about jumping head-on into the realm of multiplayer action.The developer is introducing in partnership with Sega hyena, A team-based shooter that will appear on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC in 2023. The title is inspired by technical headlines, but doesn’t take it very seriously in itself (or how gameplay works).

You join a team of three and raid a spaceship shopping center for the coveted merchandise left by Martian millionaires. You need to deal with security systems, hired villains, and weightlessness while competing with teams looking for the other four loot. Not only can you turn gravity on and off, but you can also use goo and other special abilities to build bridges to gain an edge. And yes, it’s pretty ridiculous-you can expect a look from Richard Nixon Mask, Sonic The Hedgehog Goods and Pez Dispenser.

Creators are currently accepting sign-ups for closed alpha tests on their PC. They also revealed that there is no “payment to win” system. It suggests that you may have the option to buy cosmetics, but your success should depend solely on talent.It’s just a matter hyena Call of Duty series Fortnite.

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