Huawei’s upcoming flip foldable smartphone design revealed

Huawei certainly doesn’t launch smartphones like it did a year ago. The company faces serious challenges during the worst stages of the US ban. However, there is still potential for a resurgence, at least in the foldable smartphone segment. A few days ago, Leak suggested that the company was already working on a new foldable smartphone. According to fresh information, this device may adopt flip designs like Motorola’s RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series.

The new information cites the industry source of Zhaoli Technology, which manufactures smartphone hardware. This information suggests that Huawei’s next foldable smartphone will feature a next-generation hinge design. The company has been working on new hinges for quite some time, and smartphone makers say they are ready to launch products with this hinge.

It’s unnamed, but it’s likely that the smartphone maker in question is Huawei. As mentioned earlier, rumors about the new Huawei foldable smartphone appeared earlier this week. The new foldable cell phone packs a new hinge. It uses few parts and is fairly easy. The price goes down, but the reliability still goes up.

It’s possible that the foldable Huawei will take advantage of the new design on the clamshell cell phone we’ve heard. It gets smaller with a variety of fresh new colors. Weibo’s post also includes some device renderings, but it’s not easy to verify the reliability of these leaked renderings.

According to a recent report, Huawei’s upcoming foldable smartphones have been in mass production since the beginning of this year. This means that the handset launch is closer than we think. The December launch will not be destroyed, but it can be scheduled for January. It’s interesting to see Huawei investing in this segment, despite all the issues it faces with the launch of handsets.

Folding segments will see fierce competition next year

Competition will intensify next year, especially in China. Companies like Oppo and Vivo are already working on foldable smartphones. The former should be in the final stages of development with the first foldable smartphone. These companies will fight for customer preferences and the markets currently owned by Samsung.

As for Samsung, other brands in this segment will have a hard time fighting Koreans. Samsung is entering the fourth generation of the foldable series and is making great strides from generation to generation. Huawei’s upcoming flip foldable smartphone design revealed

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