How will Broadcom and VMware move enterprise networking forward?

Broadcom’s planned acquisition of VMware could open up opportunities for companies and telcos to reach the same level with innovative technology. The question is whether Broadcom will give VMware the opportunity to develop further. 5G, SDN (Software-defined networking), multi-cloud management and other networking tools.

Semiconductor manufacturer and infrastructure software vendor Broadcom Confirmed on Thursday Agreed to purchase VMware for approximately $ 61 billion in shares and cash, subject to normal closing conditions, including regulatory and shareholder approval.

The merger agreement provides for a “go-shop” clause that VMware may consider alternative proposals from other parties during the period ending July 5, but by the time the transaction is completed. If there are no unexpected hurdles, it will end by the end of January 2023.

As part of the agreement, Broadcom Software Group will be part of the VMware branded business unit. According to experts, the group has the potential to develop enterprise and telco technologies that can reach users in both sectors.

VMware is intended for SaaS customers

In terms of software, one of VMware’s comprehensive goals this year was to make all major products available as subscriptions or subscriptions. SaaS Offering.

“Specifically, all SDDCs [software defined data center] These products will be available as cloud delivery software, joining Tanzu cloud management, security, and end-user SaaS products to help further accelerate business model transformation, “said VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram. Said on the phone of a financial analyst in February.

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