How to watch Euro 2020 in 4K (free)

It may be a year late, but Euro 2020 is finally here. Yes, despite the delay, according to UEFA, it’s still Euro 2020, not Euro 2021.

Given that Maximum number of fans in the stadium Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many want the best possible viewing experience at home.

The good news is BBC 4K World Cup coverage success, 22 European Championship matches can be broadcast in 4K, assuming you have the right equipment.

Note that this applies only to 22 of the BBC’s 25 match assignments. Unfortunately, the ITV selection is not broadcast in 4K (HD only), and neither BT Sport nor Sky have the rights to broadcast this tournament.

If you have a compatible TV Free view play Then you can watch all these Euro 2020 matches for free in one place.

Most obviously you 4K TV, But having a TV that supports UHD resolution is not enough.

There are two additional things you need to keep things running smoothly.

The first is a device that supports the “experimental” 4K features of the iPlayer app. Almost all smart TVs have the BBC iPlayer built in, but not all support UHD streaming.

Action: LG 2021 55 inch 4K TV costs only £ 499 (saves £ 200)

BBC Click here for a long extended list of compatible TVsBut don’t despair if it’s not on the list: various (but not recent) Fire TV Edition TVs and 6 The device is listed and connects directly to the spare HDMI port.

The second thing you need is an internet connection with bandwidth to handle the UHD stream. The BBC recommends a speed of 24MBit / s for 4K and 12MBit / s for reduced experience. If you’re trying to reach that pinnacle, you may need to prevent anyone else from streaming or playing the game at the same time that Home Nations is playing.

Finally, HDR requires a TV that supports: HLG A standard that provides the additional benefit of brighter, punchier, more realistic colors that are the basis of HDR.

At this point, there are two major omissions that are worth flagging. First, you can’t see Euro 2020 in 4K HDR in your browser, even if you’re using a UHD monitor. Also, soccer cannot be broadcast because it does not support the phone app. Chromecast Ultra..

Second, iPlayer on Sky queue This is a bit disappointing given that UHD content is one of the main benefits.

Assuming you have compatible hardware, watching Euro 2020 in 4K is very easy. First, make sure it is set correctly in the settings.

  1. Go to the BBC iPlayer settings.

2. Press Settings & Help

3. Select video quality

4. Choose the best quality

Obviously, there is no match at this time to test this, but when I search for UHD content, I see a small “UHD” logo above the title when I’m watching it.

However, if the image quality doesn’t look as clear as you’d expect, iPlayer may be supplementing your weak internet connection.

If you think the situation will improve, do a speed test to see if you can. Speed ​​up the internet with a few simple fixes..

Action: LG 2021 55 inch 4K TV costs only £ 499 (saves £ 200)

Given that Euro 2020 will start on Friday, June 11th, these are the matches that can be seen in 4K on iPlayer early in the tournament.

  • Turkey v Italy
  • Wales vs Switzerland
  • England vs Croatia
  • Scotland vs Czech Republic
  • Spain vs Sweden How to watch Euro 2020 in 4K (free)

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