How to use shortcuts in macOS Monterey

Available for iPad and iPhone with iOS 13 or later Shortcuts are now available on macOS Monterey.. These automations are designed to simplify repetitive tasks, but do you know how to use them?

Get used to the shortcut app

The user interface should be familiar if you have used shortcuts before, especially if you have used shortcuts on the iPad. The application window uses Apple’s current customary left sidebar with buttons to navigate to the gallery, all shortcuts, quick actions, menu bar, and folder sections.

All shortcuts are a combination of all the shortcuts you may have already created on your iOS device and a collection of very short starter shortcuts. These starting points reflect what Siri has chosen for you and what Siri has learned about how to use your device.

This is useful, but what you see may not reflect the task you want to perform on your Mac. The same is true for Apple. Powerful new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacWill arrive today. For example, that Shazam shortcut makes more sense on the iPhone than on the new M1 iMac. To access productivity tools[ギャラリー]You need to click.

Gallery offers a variety of pre-built shortcuts organized into selected groups, including Siri-related shortcuts, shortcuts to get things done, and various necessities including accessibility. You can combine one or more of these pre-created shortcuts to create a new shortcut, or you can combine any of the many single actions supported by your application to create an entirely new shortcut.

How to create a shortcut

Suppose you want to create a shortcut to automatically open two specific apps and run them in parallel with each other in split screen mode.

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