How to use Google reverse image search on mobile and PC

Google’s Reverse Image Search is an online service provided by Google that allows users to search for images on the Internet using images rather than text or voice queries.

Simply put, this image service is officially “Google search by image, ”Can be used to upload an image or enter a link to the image. Google will search for similar photos or try to find related images. The result of these images is usually a similar image, an exact copy, or a combination of both.

What is Reverse Image Search?

What is Reverse Image Search?

Let’s reverse the image search on a mobile device and see how to do it in a computer’s web browser.

Reverse image search does more than just find an accurate image copy or find related images based on the accuracy of subject recognition in the image. There are several advantages to using this latter.

For example, the service may display a similar image with some attractive or useful information. A good example of how this works is when you snap or capture an image of an unknown or unknown flower or plant. When you upload a photo to a reverse image search engine, you may see several similar images, at least one of which may contain the plant name in the description section.

If Google correctly recognizes the subject of the image, it may display it in a separate panel called the Knowledge Graph Box. There are more images of the subject that are recognized as important information. I uploaded a photo of a celebrity. The panel can include occupation, date of birth, area of ​​residence, and available social media accounts.

Another reason to know how to reverse image search is if you work in the creative industry as a photographer, graphic artist, digital illustrator, etc. You can upload a photo of your work to see if it’s posted or published online without your consent. And approval. Images are often stolen or shared online, so it’s easy to see how Google’s reverse image search can be a great asset.

How to reverse image search on your computer

Open a web browser, go to Google Image Search and tap the camera icon in the search box. Then select the image you want to upload from your computer’s library or folder. You can also reverse the image search by pasting the image link online.

To paste a link to an image found online, right-click on the specific image and[画像アドレスのコピー]Choose. Then paste this copied link into the search box.If possible, by default[画像のURLを貼り付け]Set to.

If you’re using Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, you can drag and drop images from your computer into the search box. Chrome users can also perform a reverse image search when they find an image on their website without taking any additional steps. All they need to do is right-click on the image and select “Search for images on Google”.

How to reverse image search on iPhone or iPad

How to reverse image search on iPhone or iPad

Google Search by Image isn’t yet available in the iOS version of Safari, just like the Safari desktop, but it’s still available on iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices.
One way to access this service is to open Google Images and tap the Google Lens icon in the upper right corner of the search results page. Tap the icon to perform an image search.

Another option is to download your iOS device using the Google Lens built into the Google Photos app. Simply select an image from your photo library and tap Google Lens to see the relevant results on your screen.

It’s helpful to know that when Google completes a scan of an image, white dots may appear on various elements in the image. Tap any point to explicitly start the search with this element as the main target. You can draw specific elements of some images and focus on them rather than others.

How to reverse image search on Android devices

How to reverse image search on Android devices

There are several ways to use Google Search with Image Search on your Android mobile device.

One way is to search for a specific image in Google Images via voice or text input. Then click on one of the image results and press your finger for a few seconds until the menu of options pops up.[Googleでこの画像を検索]Select an option.

If your web browser is based on Chromium, such as Opera Mini or Google Chrome. When you press an image elsewhere online[Googleでこの画像を検索]You can also use the function. The Microsoft Edge browser also provides this functionality, but for Bing, not Google.

Google Lens and how it works with reverse image search

Google Lens is a technology service provided by Google and the iOS and Android apps that run on it. The service is also available in the Google app and is built into the original camera app on some Android smartphones. The purpose of Google Lens is to provide search results from images. However, you can also translate texts, copy texts, scan QR codes, and more.

The difference between regular reverse image search and Google Lens is that you can use the latter in real time. It doesn’t even capture images. Just point the camera at it and let it do the job. This is useful in situations where you need to translate a sign in a foreign country.

With Google Lens, instead of uploading specific images individually, you can also snap the images within the app and start searching immediately. For example, suppose you snap a product such as shoes, a washing machine, or a TV with the camera in the Google app.

In that case, you will receive similar images and useful information such as where the product was purchased, reviews, and similar products.


The Google Reverse Image Search Tool or Google Search by Images has been available since 2011. You can also easily find it from the Google Image Search Box. Once you know how to use it, this service is very convenient for work, travel, and personal purposes.

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