How to take a screenshot on Android

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screenshot is a great way to memorize recipes, show someone a problem you’re having with an app, or record what you see on your phone’s screen.

It’s kind of crazy to think that in the first few years of Android you couldn’t even take a screenshot without rooting your phone. However, this has changed and now all Android devices use the same screenshot shortcut.

But of course, not everything is the same on Android. Depending on your phone manufacturer, there may be other tools and tricks for taking screenshots.

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We won’t cover all the ways to take screenshots on Android phones, we just don’t have access to enough phones to do it.

How to take a screenshot on Android

The next time you see something on your screen that you want to record, you can use the universal screenshot method for Android devices by pressing the volume down button at the same time as the sleep and wake buttons.

Usually holding both buttons for a short time will cause the screen to flash like a camera flash, indicating that a screenshot has been captured. However, on newer Samsung Galaxy phones, holding the button brings up the power menu, so you only need to press two buttons quickly.

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Once a screenshot has been captured, a thumbnail preview of the screenshot will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, along with a toolbar of options to edit, share, delete, etc. the screenshot.

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How to take a scrolling screenshot

Instead of taking multiple screenshots of text conversations, web pages, etc., you can use the screenshot tool to extend your screenshots. First, take a screenshot as usual and check the toolbar that appears next to the thumbnail.

On Samsung Galaxy phones, you can tap the double arrow icon to take scrolling screenshots. Each button tap scrolls down a bit, captures another screenshot, and then pauses. The more you tap that button, the longer the screenshot. Motorola phones have buttons similar to Samsung phones, but they will continue scrolling and capturing the screen until you press the stop button.

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Google’s Pixel lineup doesn’t have buttons with arrows.Instead I have a button labeled capture moreSelecting it will give you a zoomed out view of what’s on your screen and a cropping tool. Drag that tool down to adjust the scrollable screenshot size. Once the screenshot contains everything you need,[保存]Tap the button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

there are many. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone that supports the S Pen, you can use the S Pen to take screenshots.In fact, when the pen is embedded in the phone (other Note devices or Galaxy S22 Ultra), a menu that pops up when you remove the pen, offering options to capture part or all of the screen.

Samsung and Motorola phones have gestures to trigger screenshots. Motorola phones allow him to put his three fingers on the screen and swipe down, but you have to enable this feature in the Settings app (just search for “screenshots” to find it).

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Samsung phones allow you to capture screenshots using the edge of your palm across the screen. I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting this to work. You can find the toggle to turn it on and off by searching for “screenshots” in the Settings app.

it depends. Screenshots are also shown on phones that come with Google Photos as the only app that allows you to search and view photos and videos.However, it’s not very obvious where it is in the Photos app unless you do the following: Open the Photos app, then at the bottom of the page[ライブラリ]Choose. Find your screenshots album and tap it to open it.

If you sync your screenshot album to your Google Photos account, turn it on when viewing the album to[写真]Screenshots are shown when viewing the tab.

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For other phones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy lineup, use the Gallery app that comes pre-installed on your phone. Open the app and[アルバム]then tap[スクリーンショット]Select an album to see everything in one place. Otherwise, it will be mixed with the rest of the photos and videos in the Photos tab.

You have two options. You can use the toolbar that appears next to the thumbnail to share it immediately after taking it, or you can share the screenshot from the Gallery or Photos app, depending on which phone you’re using.

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