How to sync iPhone with iPad

Syncing your iPhone with your computer is the easiest and easiest way to share media between devices. If you want your iPhone and computer to have the same music, photos, and contacts, syncing is the way to do this. However, you can also sync your iPhone with your iPad so that both of these devices have the same files and content.

This is what this article explains how to do it. Learn how to use iCloud to keep your iPhone and iPad in sync and select the media and data types to sync. We also recommend steps to make sure you have enough iCloud storage space.

How to sync iPhone with iPad

Normally, you use a USB / Lightning cable to connect your iPhone, and then use the Finder or iTunes (depending on your computer) to sync your iPhone to your computer. This method cannot be used to sync between iPhone and iPad. Instead, you can’t physically connect and sync, so you’ll need to use iCloud to sync between both devices.

To do this, you’ll need to sign in to iCloud on both devices (see below for what to do if you don’t). Here’s how to sync your iPhone with your iPad:

step 1: On the iPhone Settings> [Your Name] > iCloud..

Step 2: A subheading appears on the iCloud settings screen. Apps that use iCloud.. Tap the slider of the app that contains the data to sync between iPhone and iPad, and the slider will turn green.

Step 3: Repeat for the number of apps you want to sync and see the same on your iPad. Otherwise, it will not be synced.

Turn on automatic download

Not only sync different apps with iCloud settings, but also the main[設定]You can also turn on automatic downloads for various other apps in the menu. Again, make sure you do this on both your iPhone and iPad.

step 1: for example, Settings> App Store (Also iTunes & App Store).turn on App (under Automatic download Heading), and anything else you want to sync. When you do this, when you download the app to your iPhone, it will automatically download to your iPad (or vice versa).

Step 2: Similarly, you can go to other apps Configuration Do the same.For example, you can move to the following location Settings> Books> Purchase from Other devices Sync downloaded books to iPhone and iPad.

If you’re not signed in to iCloud on both devices

You need to make sure you are signed in to your device. You’ll almost certainly need their help to do this, as you’ll need their iCloud password to sign out of your device.

step 1: If you’re not signed in to your iCloud account on your iPhone or iPad, go to the following URL: Settings> Sign in to iPad / iPhone..

Step 2: Someone else may be signed in to your iPhone or iPad. In that case, you need to move to the following location: Settings> [Their Name] > Sign out..

Step 3: After signing out, go to Settings> Sign in to iPhone / iPad..

Step 4: You will need to enter your iCloud email address and password. When you sign in to one device using iCloud details, you’ll receive notifications from other devices. This notification includes a PIN number to enter for the device you are signed in to.

iCloud storage space

If you want to sync all your photos between your iPhone and iPad, you may need more iCloud storage space than the default 5GB (same for other types of media and content). If you need more space, you’ll need to subscribe to a new storage plan at Apple.

step 1: Move to Settings> [Your Name] > iCloud> Manage Storage> Change Storage Plan..

Step 2: Choose from one of the three available upgrades: 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB.

Turn on iCloud backup

Finally, it’s also worth turning on iCloud backup Make it easy to recover files and data if you lose your iPhone or iPad.

step 1: Move to Settings> [Your Name] > iCloud> iCloud Backup..

Step 2: Tap the slider to turn it on and do the same for other devices.

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