How to strip wires like a pro (and essential tools)

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Stripping wire insulation is a task that DIY enthusiasts and makers must tackle on a regular basis, but it’s not an easy skill to learn and can be very confusing, especially when the wire is thin and fragile. You may end up doing it.

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I ran into a good example of this the other day when someone asked me for advice. During the process of stripping the insulation of the wires connected to the component, the wires were accidentally cut and shortened to an unusable length.nothing like that Couldn’t fix it with precision solderingbut still, you might have gotten away with it.

Here’s how to easily remove the wires. I’m actually going to show you two methods.

Method 1: Use Snip

You’ll need a decent microcutter to use this method. Here I am using knipex electronic snipbut decent quality clippings The trick is possible (you can buy a pack of 5 for about $12).

Knipex 125 mm Electronic Super Knife

ZDNET recommendations

Knipex 125mm Electronic Super Knife

It is extremely sharp, safe to 1000V, and will last a long time if not abused.

First, use a snip to nibble the insulation a bit, destroying the surface but not reaching the conductor underneath.

Then place the blade of the snip where you gnawed the insulation and apply a little gentle pressure on the snip, enough to grip the insulation but not enough to cut the wire, then apply sufficient pressure. Place your thumb behind the cutter.

Press the snip with your thumb and it should splatter some of the insulation far away (hopefully you didn’t end up with insulation in your coffee later!).

You are done.

Method 2: Use a Cable Stripper Tool

If you have a lot of wires to strip, nothing beats a dedicated cable stripper.this Knipex cable stripper It’s not cheap, but it’s packed with all sorts of features, from stripping insulation from wires of various diameters to safely cutting the outer jacket of cables. There is also a hidden blade for trimming.

The most important advantage is the ability to strip insulation without damaging the conductor.

Knipex Universal Cable Stripper

ZDNET recommendations

Knipex Universal Cable Stripper

A stripping tool for cables with cross sections and an additional blade for longitudinal cuts.

When in doubt, choose a larger size and find one that can grip the insulation without digging into the wires underneath.

Secure the stripping tool to the wire and twist.

Apply pressure to push the tool away from the wire and remove the insulation.

The insulation strips and slides along the wire, leaving the conductor undamaged.

This tool captures some of the insulation so there is no insulation in your coffee.

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