How to set up Windows Hello face recognition on your laptop

Many people were first introduced to use facial recognition to unlock devices with Face ID. iPhone X, However Microsoft was there first When Windows Hello..

Windows 10 (or Now it’s Windows 11Hello, the embedded webcam on your laptop or tablet, uses facial recognition to get you started in less than two seconds.Also Works with apps and websites Like Dropbox, Chrome and OneDrive, you can skip entering your password.

Unfortunately, not all webcams work with Windows Hello. To use this feature, your laptop webcam requires an infrared (IR) camera. This is more common on new laptops and two-in-one in the last few years such as Dell, Lenovo and Asus. If your new laptop isn’t ready, you can choose to buy a supported external webcam, such as: Logitech’s Brio 4K Pro, Dell 4K Digital High End Series Also Lenovo 500FHD..

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Check Windows Hello compatibility

Windows will tell you what the Hello sign-in option is.

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If you’re not entirely sure if your computer supports Windows Hello, it’s very easy to find out. You can usually use the Windows search bar at the bottom left of the screen, or press the Windows key and S and type “sign in options”. If you have enabled it, you can also request Cortana for sign-in options.

When the sign-in options screen appears, you will see the available Windows Hello options. If your system’s webcam supports face recognition, you’ll be given the option to set it (even if you have a supported fingerprint sensor). Click Setup and you’re ready to go.

[設定]If the button is grayed out, you need to set a system password before using any other sign-in options. On the same screen[パスワード]Below the heading[追加]Click the button to create a password (or PIN for Windows 11). When this is complete, the Windows Hello option will no longer be grayed out.

Look at the camera


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Click to set up[Welcome to Windows Hello]Screen is displayed. This gives you a last chance to undo your setup. But don’t worry. If you decide not to use facial recognition, you can delete the profile later.

[開始]Click the button to turn on the IR camera and scan your face. Keep looking directly at the camera until the blue status bar below the photo closes. As long as you’re looking at the camera without moving your head, it only takes a few seconds to complete.

Create a PIN

When complete, you will be given the option to run the IR camera scan again to improve recognition. If you wear glasses or a hat on a regular basis, you should do this so that you can turn them on or off to perform the scan. Or, while looking at the camera, move your head at a slightly different angle in dark and bright lighting.

After that, if Hello isn’t available for some reason, face recognition is a problem, or you haven’t accessed Windows yet, you’ll be asked to set a PIN. This is a very rare experience in my tests. I did several face scans. First you will be prompted for the system password and then you will be asked to create a PIN. This cannot be the same as the password.


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Look to unlock

In the Windows Hello settings under the sign-in option, you have the option to automatically close the lock screen when Windows recognizes your face. This means that as soon as you wake up or wake your PC from sleep, it scans your face, unlocks it, and moves you to your desktop or the last thing you were working on in less than two seconds. If you turn this option off, Windows will prompt you to manually close the lock screen after recognizing your face. That is, click mouse buttons, keyboard keys, or swipe the touch screen. Otherwise, you need to set Windows Hello to perform face recognition.

If you don’t like having another password to remember and have skipped the use of system passwords in the past, facial recognition is a better compromise than nothing. And it works so well that you may find yourself locking down your computer just to use it.

Unlock with your finger

Windows Hello is integrated or Add-on fingerprint reader.. They perform the same task, but to the sensor to quickly sign in to your computer or app, make in-app purchases, or sign in to your website using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox browsers. You need to release your finger. The setup process is basically the same as for face recognition, just place your finger on the sensor instead of looking at the camera. How to set up Windows Hello face recognition on your laptop

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