How to self-destruct all WhatsApp messages by default

That was it last year WhatsApp has added an option to automatically hide messages, but the company has significantly expanded this feature. WhatsApp allows you to enable hiding of the following messages by default, instead of manually enabling hiding of messages for each individual chat. all A new one-on-one chat.

In addition, the company offers considerable timing flexibility. Previously you could set the message to disappear after 7 days, but WhatsApp also has an option to delete the message after 24 hours or 90 days.

These options are welcome. Everyone has different ideas about what a permanent message should be. For some people, a day is enough, and it’s almost as short-lived as a real-time conversation. Others may want to keep a history of the conversation for a while so that they can go back and see the message when needed.

It’s easy to enable new features by default in either camp. On both Android and iOS, you can go to WhatsApp settings and tap Account> Privacy> Default message timer, Then just select how long the message will last in the new conversation.

Note that this only affects one-on-one chats. For group messages, it is up to the group creator to determine the length of the message. It is also possible for someone to take a screenshot or take a picture of your message.

Finally, keep in mind that this only works for new conversations. Must be enabled individually for existing chats.

You can do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp chat
  2. Click on the contact’s name
  3. [消えるメッセージ]Tap (when prompted, tap[続行]Tap)
  4. Select 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

Whatsapp says it will display a message in the chat to let the other person know that the message has disappeared by default. According to the company, “It makes it clear that it is not personal. This is the choice you have made about how you want to communicate with everyone on WhatsApp in the future. “

If you want to disable messages that disappear in a particular conversation, instead of a timer[オフ]You can basically follow the same steps as above, except that you select.

This new feature is available to iOS and Android users starting today. How to self-destruct all WhatsApp messages by default

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