How to listen to spatial audio songs on iOS 15

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would roll out Spatial Audio capabilities for music on its devices. Made possible by Dolby Atmos coding, SpatialAudio uses iOS to add depth to songs, make them more compatible with dynamic head tracking, and offer other benefits. What arrived on iOS 15..

If you’re interested in spatial audio, here’s how to check if it’s enabled and what you need to enjoy it.

Step 1: Update your device and make sure you have Apple Music

Remove your iPhone or iPad and make sure you have the latest updates.This is especially important if you haven’t done so already Still upgraded to iOS 15: Apple has added only the benefits of full spatial audio in iOS 15 such as dynamic head tracking (which literally allows you to assign a fixed audio source based on your head position). Audio will be downgraded on iOS14.

Oh, if you want to listen to Spatial Audio on your Mac, you should upgrade to the latest Mac OS.

Then make sure your Apple Music subscription is up to date.You are necessary Apple Music subscription to enable Dolby Atmos related features. None of them are available without a subscription.

Step 2: Make sure you have the correct type of headphones

Apple AirPods Max on the surface as seen from the side.
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Headphones that support Dolby Atmos have at least some spatial audio benefits. Check Dolby Atmos compatibility with headphones or earphones before you start. This has become a popular audio standard, but older headphones may not support it. Older AirPods include a variety of Beats headphones, as well as Dolby Atmos optimizations.

However, to get a complete list of Spatial Audio features, you’ll need one of Apple’s new headphone products, such as AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or 3rd generation AirPods.

Please note that you do not necessary It also supports the built-in speakers of the new iPhone and iPad, so you can enjoy the benefits of spatial audio with headphones. However, the difference is much more pronounced with headphones than with external speakers.

Step 3: Select spatial audio settings

Dolby Atmos settings on iPad

This is good news. If you have Apple Music, you don’t have to pay extra for Spatial Audio. However, you need to make sure that the settings match your headphones and are enabled correctly.

First, of Apple devices[設定]Go to.Scroll until you reach music,Choose.

of music,please look for it audio section. here, Dolby Atmos section. If you don’t see this section, make sure your device has the latest iOS / iPad OS updates. If you’re using Android, go to the Apple Music app Configuration There are there to find the same options.

Dolby Atmos audio settings for iPad.

If selected Dolby Atmos, You will notice two important options. Automatic Also Always on (Also off, If you don’t want to use Dolby Atmos at all). If you have one of the above Apple products, such as AirPods or the new Beats headphones, you can turn on the setting. Automatic, And SpatialAudio should be turned on if possible.

If you are using other headphones that support Dolby Atmos, you should switch this setting as follows: Always onThis ensures that you get the benefits of Spatial Audio without Apple headphones.

Not completed yet.Back to music In the section, find the option you want to enable Download at Dolby Atmos Enable it. That way, when you buy and download a new compatible song, the Dolby Atmos features will be downloaded.

Step 4: Find Spatial Audio Music

Apple Music Spatial Audio Playlist.

Now we need a song that also supports Dolby Atmos for Spatial Audio to work. There are several ways to find them. First, search for a particular song or album, go to the download window to buy it, download it to your device, and you’ll see some logos above the track list. There is a lossless audio logo and an Apple Digital Master logo that may appear. But you are looking for a specific Dolby Atmos logo. If your album has that logo, you can download it and enable Spatial Audio to play it.

If you’re interested in streaming music, go to the Apple Music app and go to the following URL: Browse.. Apple’s suggestions are now full of Spatial Audio playlists and recommendations, so it’s easy to find. Apple Music is likely to have at least one or two lists dedicated to Spatial Audio, so you can quickly find compatible music.

When you play a track, you’ll see a small icon next to the play control, indicating that the song is playing with a Dolby Atmos feature such as SpatialAudio.

Last note

Spatial Audio in iOS 15 is a new feature and is prone to some bugs. If you enable Dolby Atmos and refuse to play songs, try removing them and downloading again with Dolby Atmos.

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