How to keep your home safe while traveling

You don’t always need a full-featured smart security system to protect your home while traveling. A few key factors, such as motion sensors in your windows, doorbells with video, and cameras for your indoor and outdoor spaces, may be enough to keep your home safe.

These devices can be connected to a centralized hub, linked to Wi-Fi, or work independently.home security cameras, etc. nest, blink, ArloWhen wise The range includes motion sensors that trigger alerts on your phone when motion is detected, so you can check in and make sure everything is fine at home. Motion sensors installed in your home can also alert you when there is movement in weak areas such as windows and doors.

If you have a large home and office, you may want to consider investing in a complete security system to prevent or combat intrusions while traveling.

Although the initial cost is high, home systems can be programmed to monitor doorways and windows, detect carbon dioxide and smoke, and automatically trigger alarms to alert emergency services when you are not home. I can do it. You can also sign up for a professional monitoring subscription. It monitors your home for two hours each day and alerts law enforcement if a home break-in occurs.

For video doorbells, smart security cameras, and complete security systems, you’ll typically receive a sticker as a giveaway telling visitors that your security system is in place. You can stick it on your window or door panel. If your video doorbell runs out of battery or your camera loses connection while you’re traveling, you’ll be alerted.

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