How to install DirectAdmin, an alternative to cPanel / WHM, on AlmaLinux

Looking for a CentOS / cPanel alternative? Jack Wallen wants to show you how to install the AlmaLinux / DirectAdmin combo.

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Today is an alternative day. We’ll show you how to install a cPanel alternative to your CentOS alternative, all within the comfort of your own data center or cloud host provider. However, do not consider any of these platforms as a knockoff. Both are extremely powerful and can do their job perfectly in a corporate environment.

For those who don’t know AlmaLinux Is a new 1: 1 binary compatible Linux server distribution that is free and ready to use by anyone. DirectAdminIs not free, but is a fully functional alternative to cPanel / WHM that offers the following features:

  • Create / modify admins and resellers

  • Reseller package

  • User management

  • DNS management

  • Mail queue management

  • System / service information

  • DNS clustering

  • SPAM Fighting Tool

  • User package

  • IP allocation

  • Name server

  • Email management

  • FTP management

  • DNS menu

  • sub domain

  • File manager

  • MySQL database

  • Site backup

  • PHP selector

In other words, this tool has almost everything you need as a hosting provider. Of course, as I said, DirectAdmin is not free. You can create a 60-day trial license to kick the tires (you’ll have to do this), but you’ll have to pay the monthly license fee once the trial is over. For more information on the license DirectAdmin Piercing Matrix..

The next question is how difficult it is to install DirectAdmin. If you do it the right way, it’s not that difficult. Of course, you need to sign up for a trial license first.

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License Warning: You must provide a valid IP address when signing up. That IP address must be a public IP. If you’re testing this, you’re probably testing in a LAN-only situation. I got around it by presenting my public IP address, but used the private IP address I assigned to the server when accessing DirectAdmin. This works, but (obviously) only for the test part of the rollout. If you decide to deploy it in production, you should use your public IP address (or domain).

Once you have obtained the license, you will see the user ID and license number that you will need during the installation. Get these two pieces of information and install them.

Things necessary

  • Your license
  • A running instance of AlmaLinux
  • User with sudo privileges

How to install DirectAdmin

Log in to the AlmaLinux server. Change to the root user using the following command:


The developer has created a handy script that handles the entire installation. This method does not require user input, but it takes a fairly long time to complete (the script takes over an hour to complete).

The command to download and launch the script is:

bash <(curl -Ss || wget -O - auto

The script downloads and installs all the requirements for DirectAdmin. During the installation, you will be prompted for the following information:

  • Devices associated with LAN IP (such as eth0 and ens5)
  • External license IP
  • ID associated with the license
  • Trial license number

If you can’t ask for this information, don’t worry. You can access DirectAdmin under a trial license. In any case, you will eventually need to get a full license to continue using the platform.

When the script completes, you will see your login credentials (Figure A).

Figure A


Once the DirectAdmin installation is complete, you will see your credentials.

It provides not only the credentials, but also the IP address used to access the control panel. This IP will be the address facing the WAN. Instead of using it, specify the LAN address with port 2222 in your browser as follows: http: // SERVER: 2222 (Here, SERVER is the internal IP address of the hosting server).

The DirectAdmin login page is displayed (Figure B).

Figure B


You can get the credentials on the DirectAdmin login page.

Use admin as the login name and password you specified at the end of the script execution. If the authentication is successful, the DirectAdmin main page will be displayed (Figure C).

Figure C


DirectAdmin is installed and ready to find everything it offers.

And that’s all you need to run this powerful hosting platform on the equally powerful Alma Linux. Enjoy exchanging your new favorite cPanel (if you choose to stick with it).

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