How to enable Full HD resolution on Pixel 7 Pro

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You may remember that recently I went through an ordeal Replace your Pixel 7 Pro screenAfter 3 weeks it’s finally back in my hands and I’m happy to say it’s working like a champ.when I turned 7 Pro Going back, the first thing I noticed was how bright and sharp the display was.

This is not because the screen is new, pixel 6 proThat’s right, the difference between the displays on these two phones was immediately noticeable.

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Realizing the difference, I opened the 7 Pro’s Settings app to see what was going on. At that moment, I remembered that the Pixel 7 Pro has the ability to switch between high resolution (1080p FHD+) and full resolution (1440 QHD+). I was surprised to see the 7 Pro set to the default 1080p FHD+, even though the display was quite good. It’s no surprise I decided to push it and see how good it could be with the 1440 QHD+.

What’s even more interesting is that the Pixel 6 Pro has the same option, but defaults to 1440p HQD+. If you try to change your Pixel 7 Pro’s resolution to 1440p, you’ll be warned that it will negatively impact your battery. Still, the Pixel 6 Pro’s battery life was great.

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So I decided to switch my Pixel 7 Pro to 1440p to 1) see if the display would improve further and 2) see how it would affect battery life.

Let’s talk about this. First, I’ll explain how to switch resolutions, and then I’ll explain whether to switch resolutions.

How to enable 1440p QHD+

Things necessary: All you need is a Pixel 6 or 7 Pro.

The first thing to do is unlock your phone and open the Settings app from the notification shade or app drawer.[設定]opens,[ディスプレイ]Tap.

of setting[ディスプレイ]in the section[画面の解像度]Find the entry and tap it.

Screen resolution entry for Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13.

As you can see, my Pixel 7 Pro is set to 1440p QHD+.

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[画面の解像度]page, tap to enable 1440p QHD+. Once that’s done, close the Settings app.

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At this point, you may need to close some of your open apps and restart. Otherwise, the new settings may not be available or may behave strangely (or crash).

Pixel 7 Pro resolution selector.

Please heed the warning. Note, however, that this is a bit of an exaggeration.

Jack Warren/ZDNET

Should I enable 1440p QHD+?

This is the more important question. You might think the answer is “yes!”. However, after going back and forth between the two over the weekend, he was rather surprised by the following conclusion.

  • Battery life: After switching to 1440p QHD+, I barely noticed a difference in battery life.
  • screen: Due to the larger resolution size, more images are displayed on the screen, but the difference in image quality is not as dramatic as one would expect.
  • animation: Animations are pretty smooth at 1080p.
  • scroll: At 1440p QHD+ scrolling looks a little choppy.

One thing I’ve noticed is that over time (probably due to cached images) the scrolling and animations have improved, but they haven’t quite hit the 1080p level.

As for whether you should enable 1440p QHD+, the answer is not as complicated as it sounds. 1080p is best for watching videos. To the naked eye, it looks just as sharp and doesn’t suffer from stutter. read e-bookor other apps that need more content on the screen at once, 1440p QHD+ is much better than 1080p FHD+.

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Think of it this way: With more images on the screen at 1440p, you won’t have to scroll as much as you would at 1080p.

Finally, we recommend switching your Pixel 7 Pro to 1440p QHD+ and see if you like it. Battery drain isn’t as bad as Google believes, so having extra information on screen is certainly worth it.

I left my Pixel 7 Pro at 1440p QHD+ and still see no reason to change it back….

https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-enable-full-hd-resolution-on-your-pixel-7-pro/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 How to enable Full HD resolution on Pixel 7 Pro

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