How to edit TikTok video

All TikTok videos are eye-catching, and in this sense the video must be perfectly edited, or at least close to it. If you’re thinking of learning how to edit a video on TikTok, two things will come to mind. The last thing you expected was to learn how to edit a video on TikTok, and then it would seem overwhelming at first. But in reality, editing a TikTok video may seem like a lot to do, but it’s pretty easy.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are joining TikTok to create TikTok videos as TikTok is the latest social media boom and creators monetize their content. TikTok is getting more and more downloads from the app store these days.

If you’re thinking of becoming one of those people, you don’t have to worry about how to edit your video. You don’t have to be a professional and you don’t even have to have an external video editor app. To get used to the editing process, there is this guide on how to create and edit TikTok videos.

Steps on how to edit TikTok videos

Steps on how to edit TikTok videos

Adjust camera settings: When you open TikTok, you’ll see a plus button in the center of the screen. Tap this button to go to the camera. The camera has many settings that you can adjust before recording the video. If you know the sound you want to use, you can tap the sound icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you can search for the music you need or use TikTok’s featured sounds.

If you want to record the video first, you can always add sound when you’re done. The TikTok camera has a beauty feature that allows you to add filters while creating a video. With these filters, it looks more photogenic. You can also use the light adjustment feature to change the amount of light reflected off your face during shooting.

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Add an effect

You can decide to add effects to your video before you shoot. TikTok has a variety of popular effects. You can also choose one of these depending on how your video looks. If you want to record a video on top of a photo or another video, you can use the green screen effect. If you’re confused about which effect to choose, TikTok always has a trending effect. You can choose from one of these effects to use.

Video recording

After selecting the sound and effect (if any) you want to use, you can finally record the video. You can record either a 15-second video or a 60-second video. The camera will automatically stop recording after the specified time. You can also tap the timer to start recording after a specified number of seconds.

Press and hold the button to zoom in and out while recording the video. When you have finished recording one section of the video, you can tap the record button to stop recording. Also, if you find a section of the video unsatisfactory, you can delete it and resume it.

Clip adjustment

After recording all the sections of the video, tap the check button on the screen. This will bring up the first edit screen and the video will play in a loop. On this screen, you can add text, adjust clips, and more.

Of the screen[クリップの調整]Tap the icon to adjust the video length of the clip. If you find that you are not happy with the clip, you can re-record it. After adjusting all the clips,[保存]You can click.

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Sound editing

If for some reason you didn’t add any music before you started recording, this is your chance. Tap the sound icon on the side of the screen to select different sections of the song in the range of 15-60 seconds of the song and select the sound you want. If you’re not sure which sound to choose, there are always recommended options.

You can add sounds to your favorites so you can easily find out if you want to use them again. After adding audio, you can tap the volume icon to adjust the volume of the original recorded video. If you want to record narration or voice effects, you can not only tap the microphone icon, but also tap the icon to make a voice effect.

Post-recording effect

If you didn’t add the video before recording, you can add it now. Select the effect you want to add, play the video, and hold down the effect where you want to apply it. You can add visual effects and sound effects to your video. This is until you are satisfied with the content of the video.


Click the Transition icon to choose a great way to move between clips in your video. If you want to use the Undo button below the timeline, you can erase the effect applied to the video. You can adjust the playback speed of each clip to make the clip faster or slower.


Tap the sticker icon to see the array of emojis and graphics you want to add to your video. You can also add face zoom during the video and magnify any part of the face.

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Upload video to TikTok

Upload video to TikTok

When you’re happy with all the edits you made in the video, the screen is red[次へ]Tap the button. Next, go to the posting screen. You can adjust the screen thumbnails to select a 2-3 second clip of the video to play as a preview of your profile.

You can also add hashtags to reach more viewers. When posting a video, you have three options. public. Everyone at Tiktok can watch the video. Private means that only you can watch the video. And only your friends, the ones you follow and the ones you follow, will watch the video.

[デュエットを許可する]The option means that other TikToker can manipulate your video and display your video side by side with your video. This video will be posted on their profile.

The Allow Stitch option means that other TikTokers can interact with your video. However, your video will first appear at the length they choose. When you feel that all your post settings meet your criteria, you can tap the upload button to post your video.It will appear on someone’s page for you and your followersContinue‘page.


Editing a TikTok video can get easier over time and practice, although it may seem like a daunting task at first. If you keep doing that, you will find that editing your video is as easy as breathing on you.

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