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If your iPhone is using Safari’s default new tab page, stop it. Things can be very good. You can also tailor your browser’s services to your habits and add a few background images behind your favorites and other shortcuts.

Yes, the start page (using Apple’s name) is practical and most of us only stay there for a short time on the way to a more interesting area of ​​the web, but a beautiful resting place to meet your needs is more than Much more fun One is a blank white wall and seven are disorganized convenience stores.

How to change the background image of the start page

With the release of iOS 15, Apple has given mobile Safari users the ability to customize the look of new tab pages in their browsers. Maybe you’re okay with standard white visuals, but if something else adds even a little joy to your day, we say we’ll go for it.

In Safari, Plus button Open the start page. Scroll to the bottom and edit To see all available customization options, you will see the following toggle switch: background image Finally. Make sure it’s active and tap to select one of the nine preset graphics or one of the photos from your device.

If you’re taking pictures from your personal collection, you may need to experiment with a few images to find one that works well with all the other images on the start page. Very dark or very bright (or both areas are clearly drawn), the contrast is so clear that the links do not blend into the background. Safari also uses only the vertical or horizontal center of the image (depending on the orientation of your phone), so you need to remember that too.

How to reorganize the Safari start page

The other customization options behind it are described below. edit A button at the bottom of a new tab page in Safari. Apple’s mobile browser can display links in seven categories, but not all are useful. To deactivate them, simply turn off the toggle switch next to the switch you don’t want to see. You can also press to move options regardless of whether the switch is on or off. 3 lines Move to the right of each and drag up or down to reorder the list.

Of course, these are basic options, but it’s worth a little more to fully customize. Let’s look at each category in turn.

Share with you

If you get a lot of links from the users in your message, all the links will be created here and displayed in chronological order.Tap Show all Display … 24 (maximum) … and Reduce display To display … Less than 24 (up to 4). To remove something from this group, press and hold it, then Delete link..

One of the useful features here is hidden behind a gray bubble with the name of the contact. Tap the sender’s name to see the chat with the shared link, and touch anywhere in the blank around the preview to go directly to that location in the conversation. This is useful if you forget the context of a particular link.


As long as the internet exists, we seem to have the ability to “favorite” certain pages that return frequently. In Safari you can do this by tapping Share icon (Square to upward arrow) and select Add to Favourites.. Another option here is “Add Bookmark”. This is useful if you have created a folder in your favorites (if you haven’t, access it). Add to Favorites dumps the page to the main Favorites area, but you have to select it Add bookmark Select the appropriate destination and put it in a subfolder.

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Tap to edit your favorites Bookmark icon (Open book) In the open Safari tab, favorite.. If you just want to clean the house, drag the item all the way to the left and remove it immediately. Drag halfway, erase If you want to think about it for a moment, please press the button.For finer control, tap edit..

Once in the Favorites edit window, you can delete the entry in the following ways: Red minus button Relocate the list by pressing and dragging, which each has 3 lines Next to each or tap Right arrow Edit the name, URL, or folder location of the individual link. You can also edit the name, address, and location by long-pressing the link from the start page.

push New folder You can create many favorite repositories in the edit window, but only the first nine will appear on the start page until you open the folder. These can be rearranged from the edit window, but you can open the folder on the start page, press and hold any icon, and drag a short distance in any direction to shrink it to a moving part that can be placed between the other two. You can also. icon.

Reading list

If you want to save something for later reading, hide it here.From the open Safari tab, tap Share icon Press (square with an upward arrow) Add to reading list..To edit this list from the start page, tap and hold an item erase Delete it.Touch to do more Bookmark icon (Open book), go to Reading list Swipe right to mark something as read or unread and select to reorder the list Show unread Also Show all..You can also tap edit Select the item you want to delete or save for offline use.

When you open the list, you can read everything in the list offline. Configuration Go to the app, Safari Activate the switch next to it Save automatically offline..

Privacy report

This tool is purely informative and displays the number of trackers Safari has blocked in the last 7 days. Tap the bubble on the start page to open a more detailed report that describes different types of trackers, lists them by the number of trackers who tried to use your website, and ranks the most common trackers. ..

Frequent visits

This category is intended for sites that you visit frequently, but it may not be a favorite. To remove one from this list, long-press the list until the page preview opens in the options menu, then tap. erase..

Siri’s suggestion

Here, Siri suggests the page you want to see. If you turn off the feature that appears on the start page, the matching settings in the Settings app will also be disabled. For your reference, Settings> Safari> Siri and Search> Show in apps..

iCloud tab

Apple has access to Safari tabs that are open on other devices as long as they’re synced to iCloud.To set this, go to Configuration Tap and select your mobile or iPad app, your name iCloud, And confirm it Safari It is enabled. On Mac Apple menu, Choose System Preferences, click Apple ID, after that iCloud, And turn around Safari on. How to customize your start page in iOS Safari | Popular Science

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